4 Qualities of a Great Website Developer

In this digital day and age where buying and selling can be completed within a few clicks away on computers and mobile phones, it’s no denying that your website, besides your products and services of course, is key to whether your business is going to make it or break it. This is why hiring a highly skilled web developer is important, as it can make a great difference to the look and attractiveness of your website. However, choosing the right person can be a little bit tricky, but fret not, for the following is what you should look for in a web developer. Continue reading “4 Qualities of a Great Website Developer” »

What to Look For When Choosing the Best Website Builder for You

When the World Wide Web made it’s debut approximately 25 years ago, despite being a big deal, the general public knew very little about the internet. Jump ahead and it seems as though we would cease to exist without it. Additionally, in contrast to the rarity of websites twenty plus years ago, it appears that most everyone, over one billion, more or less, has a website these days. Continue reading “What to Look For When Choosing the Best Website Builder for You” »

When Up-Time is Money – Keeping Your Web-Based Business Online

If you’re operating one of those traditional sales pages as a little side-hobby for some extra money, then having to live with some server downtime is nothing more than a little pain. If you’re a little more serious about your e-commerce business however and your entire online business operates online, even the slightest bit of down-time or any equivalent interruption to your service eats into your profits by the second. Worse yet, just a single second of downtime could turn away what could potentially have been a lifelong, big client or buyer who might perhaps have subsequently turned into to a lifelong, big client of a competitor. That single second of downtime cannot be completely avoided, but it simply has to be timed properly with the correct “damage-control” measures in place to ensure the outcome isn’t a dire one, such as a potentially big client turning to a competitor. There are plenty of competitors for pretty much any business that operates in the online space and clone websites which may perhaps even offer the same product or service you’re offering cheaper can pop-up within a matter of hours. This is why you have to make use of every advantage you can get and it all starts with managing your up-time and planning carefully for those inevitable, vital few seconds of down-time. Continue reading “When Up-Time is Money – Keeping Your Web-Based Business Online” »