Five Ways Technology Has Changed Law Practice

Technology has effectively crept into every aspect of our lives, why not law?  The practice of law has been significantly affected by the speed in which technology changes the way information is delivered.  Being a lawyer requires a vast amount of research and information-gathering.  To be frank, the law has not kept up well with the ever-changing tech world.  Here are a few specific ways in which law has been transformed by technology. Continue reading “Five Ways Technology Has Changed Law Practice” »

Plan for Cyber Security

Implementing a plan for your businesses’ cybersecurity is akin to a retailer making sure that the security cameras are working and that the door is locked with the alarm turned on after closing time. You never know when the threat of hackers will become a reality for your business. Any form of online activity by your business opens it up to attack. That is why formulating a cybersecurity plan is a key to keeping your business operational. Here are some ways to mitigate the hacker threat to your business. Continue reading “Plan for Cyber Security” »

Who Owns a Photo?

There are literally billions of photos doing the rounds on the internet. It would be impossible to add them all but if you consider Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat then we are talking a lot! Who owns all these photos? A recent court ruling against a photographer whose camera was snatched by a monkey which took a selfie stated that seeing an animal snapped the photo, there was no legal ownership of the picture by the photographer. Continue reading “Who Owns a Photo?” »