Why Scanning Documents is the Future for Small Businesses

Scanning has been around for a number of years, and effectively they are a staple in any office. But why is scanning documents a great idea for me and my company, I hear you ask? There are actually hundreds of uses for the machine, but each year the technology involved in making new scanners becomes more and more ambitious, which means that the uses for scanners has grown, especially in the last ten years at least. With this comes new ways of saving money and the environment, which is why we’ve compiled  a guide on Why Scanning Documents is the Future for Small Businesses.   Continue reading “Why Scanning Documents is the Future for Small Businesses” »

Technical Debt And Its Management

Let’s assume, a team didn’t include the apt code annotation and testing automation in the assigned deadline. One developer began a module, but another should keep it all through the program. In fact, the primary developers need to maintain the code for several months and often they may forget how and why few things were added. Testing will be done manually and will be more expensive, or you may have to do partial testing. And, amidst all this, the present clientele is using the software. It will have three major consequences: Continue reading “Technical Debt And Its Management” »

Why You Should Change Your Profile Photo Today

How often do you change your profile photo? A new study suggests that the average profile picture is actually 2 years old. While some social networks may be updated more often than others, it seems clear that we aren’t bothered about updating our image too often. So why is that – and why should we be changing them more often? Continue reading “Why You Should Change Your Profile Photo Today” »

Do You Have The Skills To Consult: 4 Tips From The Experts

In this era of startups and small businesses, consulting is a growing field, but not everyone has the necessary skills for the job. You can only consult on what you know with a high level of expertise. But how do you know if you have what it takes? Before diving into consulting looking for your next big break, here’s what the experts have to say – with these insights you’ll know what it takes to consult successfully. Continue reading “Do You Have The Skills To Consult: 4 Tips From The Experts” »