How to make the most of our mobile phones when travelling


One of the most popular apps for holiday planning is TripAdvisor, it’s the go to place for hotel reviews and the forums are a gold mine for information on destinations and insider tips. You can also book through TripAdvisor, hotels and flights as they show the best deals available for your trip. You can also use it when you arrive at your destinations with offline apps which you can use to find your way around and things to do without sucking up all your data. Continue reading “How to make the most of our mobile phones when travelling” »

The best ways to advertise a hotel through a brilliant digital marketing strategy

Travellers heading on holiday will start researching and want to be enticed into choosing a hotel for their trip. There are many ways to advertise an accommodation including through the conventional means of a newspaper or magazine. Online advertising is a huge part of getting the message across to tourists about a hotel firm, and there are several great ways to do this. Display advertising is a superb example that is available in many forms including banner adverts and is not a text-heavy type of promotion. This includes elements such as audio, images and videos to get across an advertising slogan or message to the public. Continue reading “The best ways to advertise a hotel through a brilliant digital marketing strategy” »

4 Qualities of a Great Website Developer

In this digital day and age where buying and selling can be completed within a few clicks away on computers and mobile phones, it’s no denying that your website, besides your products and services of course, is key to whether your business is going to make it or break it. This is why hiring a highly skilled web developer is important, as it can make a great difference to the look and attractiveness of your website. However, choosing the right person can be a little bit tricky, but fret not, for the following is what you should look for in a web developer. Continue reading “4 Qualities of a Great Website Developer” »

The Ever-Increasing Need for Tech Support

The evolution of modern technology has changed the face of business for good. Organizations large and small rely heavily on the likes of technology to carry out day to day business tasks. From utilizing computer applications to accessing company data to investing in programs to help streamline processes, technology is all around. That being said, the need for IT professionals has increased. Continue reading “The Ever-Increasing Need for Tech Support” »

People in the UK still concerned over privacy

Being online comes as second nature to many people, some people practically live out their whole lives online whether it’s via social media or blogs. However according to a recent study revealed that 64% of Brits are worried about the intrusion into their lives when online and personal data being shared. The study also showed that 54% stated they could not live without technology such as mobile devices, apps and the internet. Continue reading “People in the UK still concerned over privacy” »