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Best forBeginners
Available forAndroid, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone 7
VerdictEasy to use; a solid introduction to the art of tweeting


Whether playing a part in a tabloid scandal or a political uprising, those Twitter messages of 140 characters or fewer seem inescapable. Even Apple gave Twitter the seal of approval earlier this month, with the announcement that the service will be integrated into the heart of iOS 5, the new iPhone software. For new users to the service, the first step is to head to the Twitter website and sign up for a free account. Your next step should be to download a desktop or mobile app, because they make it easier to scan through tweets, save your favourites, compile lists of users and share photos and links. Available for a variety of smartphones, the official Twitter app, also called Twitter, keeps things simple. It gives you four views to choose from: a feed of updates from the people you follow, replies to your tweets, an inbox for your direct messages (private messages not seen by everyone on Twitter — see panel), and a search page that also shows what topics are popular on the site. It’s more than sufficient for your first steps into the world of Twitter.

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Fake Fans and Social Mobility: Buying Twitter Followers

This is because they do not exist. They have been fabricated en masse and added to the account by a company that sells fake social media followers to anyone looking to bolster an online reputation. Barrett says that neither he nor his team had any knowledge of or involvement in buying his followers and an internal investigation has been launched.

His Twitter account soared from 330 followers on June 28 to 17,014 by July 9, adding more than 1,000 accounts every day. By comparison none of the other candidates in the Lincolnshire election has more than 1,500 Twitter followers.

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