Essential Apps for Staying in Touch with Friends and Family

Although some people keep to their hometowns, many have friends and family all over the world. Once we would have had to remain in touch through letters and telegrams, but now we can connect instantly with a range of smart apps. Whether you want to send a quick message or have a video conversation, it’s easy to get in contact with someone, wherever they are in the world. You can be in New York and talk to someone in Melbourne within seconds, and your only obstacles are an internet connection and the time difference. If you have friends and relatives in different countries, states, cities or even just on different streets, there are plenty of apps that can you help you on. You can use your smartphone or your computer to contact your loved ones with these cool pieces of software.

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How Simple Is It To Create Your Own Mobile App?

The other day I was reading an interesting news article about how there are more than one million apps in Apple’s App Store! You know all those TV commercials about how there is an app for “just about anything”? They weren’t kidding!

I can almost guarantee you will find something related to your chosen search criteria when you search the App Store! One of the top benefits to mobile apps is that you can develop them to help solve problems and make some cash at the same time.

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Gaming Room

If gaming is your life then you probably dream of creating the ultimate gaming room. If you have some spare space in your home, whether it’s a whole room or just a corner, now could be the time to make your dream come true. You can set up your space without having too big of a budget, although a bit more money to spend will obviously get you a better result. After your gaming machines you’ll need to think about your screen, chair, storage and sound and vision options. With a little thought, you can create the ultimate gaming paradise, where you can retreat to at the end of the day for a little down time.

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The Importance of IT in Business

Almost everything these days runs off information technology. In fact, if you run a business of any kind it is probable that your business model will run off computers. At the very least, your business will be supported by an IT network.

Indeed almost all the inner workings of a business run off the IT network. Payroll uses IT to process employee salaries. The staffing roster and details will also make use of computers. If you took computers out of business then, business would not be able to function properly.

One of the principle advantages of IT in a business sense is that it provide scalability. It allows companies to grow and expand their process and business model. Computers allow for internal growth in a way much easier than it would have been even ten years ago. Yet there are some who claim that the impact and influence that IT has on business has become something of a moot point. This is because IT has become such a universal tool these days that it provides a minimal advantage to businesses.

On the reverse side, others claim that IT is a vital part of the modern corporate world and that a business could not thrive without it.

It seems that this is a fairly accurate assessment. IT increases efficiency, productivity and work rate within a business. Many of the key programmes necessary to compile data and training within an organisation use an IT network. Often the most important area in the maintenance of a business is IT support. Without this support the day-to-day running of an organisation would greatly suffer.

Most businesses nowadays use IT for  departments such as finance, human resources and security.

Businesses can use IT to follow trends in the industry, global market change and expand their client base to a global scale. It is also useful in allowing organisations to track their competitors and try to improve their products.

Whatever product or service your business offers it is most likely that you will use or need the use of IT at some point. Convenience is a massive plus point as well. Most people use the internet on a daily basis, and many enjoy the convenience of being able to do their shopping online. Sites like Amazon changed retail as they allow customers to get everything they could ever want or need at the click of a button.

Because of the universal influence of IT business has experienced globalisation like never before. The corporate world and the global economy are blending together. And as such IT is vital for breaking down barriers and crossing cultural and language barriers.

IT can also provide your business with an online presence. The most important element of IT for a business might be the internet. The internet is key in the process of marketing a business. Online strategies and corporate newsletters are designed via IT. On top of this there are other factors such as emails and social media marketing, are all key components of a thriving business.

Other information technology developments in recent years have helped to aid businesses. Online communicative tools such as Google Talk and Skype will help your business to no end. These allow you to communicate with clients on a global scale.

Lenovo_IdeaCentre_A720Image Source

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3 Hidden Secrets on Your iPhone

If you have a smartphone, and it isn’t an Android, the high likelihood is you will own an iPhone. Apple’s best selling product has been a pioneer in the evolution of the modern cellular phone. With the need for efficiency and accessibility these days it is possible to do almost anything on the iPhone. Indeed, many iPhone users treat their phone as a diary and personal computer as well as a phone.

In many ways, the iPhone is all these things. Accessing the internet from a mobile device has never been easier. You can read and type emails on your iPhone with total clarity. Most websites even have mobile sites that you access automatically when you enter them using your phone.

You might even consider the idea of creating your website on you iPhone. Asking, what domain name do I use? Do I get SSH with iPage hosting? How much should I pay for my site? You can deal with all these options without ever needing a laptop or PC.

But, you may first want to master the iPhone and discover any secrets it may be hiding from you. Here are three hidden features on your iPhone.

iphone-37856_640Image Source

  • Switch Control

Switch control is a function that can be found in the ‘Accessibility’ section of your iPhone. It is an ingenious function that allows you to control your iPhone using your head! Yes, genuinely! By tilting, shaking or nodding your head you can instruct your iPhone to do many things. These include turning a page or even deleting spelling mistakes.

It seems cool, if gimmicky. But think of the possibilities in which this could be a useful trait for your phone to have. This would allow you to control it (albeit in a basic way) without the need for hands.

  • Emoji Keyboard

Have you ever had a text message or Whatsapp message through from a friend and they have an array of faces or emoticons within the message? You’ve always thought that those looked cool. They can summarise so much where words sometimes can’t. But you can’t seem to find them anywhere on your iPhone.

14991727872_e97e918a6e_oImage Source

Well, that’s because they aren’t. These emoticons are in a completely separate keyboard known as an ‘emoji keyboard’. When you first get your iPhone it will come with a basic keyboard.

But you will be able to go to your keyboard settings and add an emoji keyboard. This will add a new dimension to your keyboard and will also broaden the spectrum of your text messaging significantly. You and your friends can have hours of fun coming up with ways to use all the emoticons in text conversation!

  • Extra symbols

For those grammar Nazi’s out there you now have the option of adding accents, umlauts and the works. The newer model iPhones come equipped with all kinds of extra symbols so you can get those pesky foreign spellings perfect.

To access this option push and hold the letter that you need to accentuate (say, e). When you do this a miniature list will come up showing the letter ‘e’ in its different forms. You can just select the correct accent mark and hey presto you’re done!

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4 Simple Ways Of Using Your Computer To Earn A Living

If you’re not suited to working traditional jobs, you’ve come to the right place. Getting up at 7am every morning and spending an hour or so commuting to work isn’t for everyone. Using the bulk of your day to make money for other people can be rather disheartening. For that reason, you need to start looking at the possibility of making money online. There are thousands of different ways you can achieve that goal; you just need to select the one that works best for you. Presuming you’ve never thought about doing that before, the suggestions below might be useful. They have all been proven to work time and time again. All you have to do is make the decision to get on board. In most instances, you can reduce the time you spend working a lot by moving towards the internet.

13272329115_6f3cf2cebe_zMedialab Prado

Web Design

Anyone with qualifications or experience in custom web design could make a lot of cash from home using their computer. Just build a website promoting your services, and then use social media and Google Adwords to attract custom. Of course, you’ll find it much easier to win contracts after you have lots of testimonials from satisfied clients. So, it might be a good idea to run a cheap introductory deal to build your portfolio.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is one of the simplest ways of earning a living online. Web design companies and marketing agencies don’t have the time to come up with all the necessary content for their projects, and so they tend to outsource the job. While having good English skills will work in your favor, there are lots of tools available online that can help to improve the work you produce. Google Docs has a fantastic spell checker, but you might also want to use tools like Grammarly and Hemingway. Those tools help to ensure your text is easy to read by pointing out potential grammar issues.

Affiliate Marketing

Presuming you already have a website that achieves high levels of traffic, you could earn a living from affiliate marketing. That is where you place a code on your website and allow the network to send relevant ads. Every time one of your visitors clicks on the ad and makes a purchase, you earn a small commission. To be honest though, you’re going to require millions of hits every week to earn a good wage.

Graphic design and catalog production

Lots of business owners all over the world require graphic design jobs. Many of them also outsource the job of creating digital and physical catalogs. The only trouble with getting involved in this marketplace is there is a lot of competition. The MatrixCMS catalog production service is used by thousands of big brands all over the world. So, you’ll want to focus your efforts on providing services for smaller companies with low budgets. If your skills are advanced enough, you could even design games.

You should now have a good idea about some of the simplest ways to earn a living from your computer. All you need is a strong WiFi connection, lots of time and enough motivation to see the jobs though. Once you build a reputation for yourself; making money will become much easier.

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