4 Easy Ways to Earn Google Play Rewards

If you find yourself a regular on the Google Play store, then getting free credits is probably going to save you some money. While there are a variety of free things you can get from the store, many of the best apps, music, and more do cost money. You can use credits to pay for these instead of cash. Try some of these easy and effective ways to earn free Google Play Credits.

1. Sign up for Google Opinion Rewards

This is a great way to earn credits and you’ll get them directly through Google. When you sign up for the opinion rewards program, you’ll start getting surveys to complete. For every one that you complete, you’ll earn credits and you can earn up to a dollar for each survey. The amount of surveys that you receive each week will vary greatly but you can expect at least one. Since the surveys are made by Google, they will be different from other survey sites that you may use. However, they’re often interesting and will help you earn free credits.

2. Enroll in Feature Point Program

Techexploring.com recommends that you enroll in Google’s feature point program as well. In order to start earning, you’ll sign up for the program which will prompt you to download and try featured applications. The applications can be ones such as Spotify, various games, audio books, and others. You don’t have to spend hours trying out the apps either. Simply give them a brief try and then redeem your credits.

3. Sign up for InstaGC

Similar to the two websites mentioned above, this is another way that you can leverage what you do every day in order to earn free credits. After you sign up for the program, you will be prompted to complete surveys, watch videos, and play games. You may also be able to earn credits by searching the internet or shopping online. This is an easy program to use and the credits that you earn will vary depending on the tasks that you perform. However, when you sign up with this one, you’ll be earning free credits for the basic activities that you do on a daily basis.

4. Try FreeMyApps

This is a secure platform that’s available on the Google Play store. You can use this application to earn both credits and also gift cards, if you don’t need any credits. You’ll find that this is a simple one to use and you’ll earn credits by trying out new games and apps. If you already have enough credits, you can also earn gift coupons from Amazon or Visa so there are more options for you to get rewarded.

Although Google Play has a lot of paid content available, you don’t have to spend your money in order to access their premium content. Instead, consider using one or more of these options to earn free Google Play Credits that can be redeemed for a variety of options on the store.

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