4 Steps to Ensuring Your Employees Stay Safe on the Cloud

Migrating your business to the cloud can improve everything from productivity to employee satisfaction, all while generally cutting down on your IT-related costs. Of course, it’s not always a bed of roses – with your data stored on the cloud, it’s vital that you ensure your employees are able to stay safe.

Here are just four ways to keep security strong.

  1. Train Everyone

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to keeping your cloud-based network safe is only training a few select employees. Instead, you really need to make sure that anyone who is going to be handling sensitive information or company data in any way should know how to proceed securely. Not everyone needs to learn the ins and outs of cloud infrastructure, but basic training should always be provided.

  1. Emphasise Benefits

It’s relatively hard for people to appreciate how easy it can be for a network to be breached if they have never been on the wrong end of such a situation. After all, it’s easy to minimise the risk in your own mind and tell yourself that nothing bad will happen. Instead of focusing on the negatives, set your sights on the benefits of cloud computing. Let employees know how proper cloud-based file sharing will streamline their working day.

  1. Keep Things Interactive

It should come as no surprise to learn that people tend to be more receptive to any kind of training if they get involved themselves, so try to avoid simply sitting people down and giving them a lecture. Ask questions during the process and make sure that they can relate the information provided by you, to do their everyday tasks. This might become a part of the corporate training process for new employees to get accustomed to the working environment. Maintaining constant relationships with your employees will help you create a friendly workspace. This leadership quality will help you in attaining your business goal.

  1. Retrain Every Few Months

The online environment never stands still, and neither do hackers and other malicious web-users. The unfortunate fact is that new ways of compromising business systems are being created all the time, and those malicious users are becoming ever more sophisticated in their methods of online trickery and persuasion. Additionally, certain programs and platforms will change as time goes by, so you need to keep your team current. Make sure you retrain every couple of months to keep everyone up to speed.

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