5 Ways to Play Games for a Living

People want entertainment to be just a tap away and available anywhere they go. With the industry expanding and video games flooding the market, the prime concern of many gamers becomes whether they can profit on their nimble fingers and lightning reflexes.

The gloomy alternative for those who are not born with a silver spoon in their mouths is to find a regular job, and limit their access to the enthralling digital world. If this doesn’t sound too promising, brace yourself, and pick up that controller or a mobile device. It’s your ultimate weapon, both a map and a compass needed to go treasure hunting.

Go pro

In some countries like Korea (the one to the south of course), being a successful professional gamer means having a status similar to that of a rock superstar. Even if fame eludes you, and people see you as a mere button masher, fortune can still smile upon you.


Gaming can be a serious business, and provide good money- measured in millions of dollars if best of the best. Note, however, that pro gamers constantly train hard and have their fair share of stress. They also travel around the globe and take part in major tournaments like The International.

Test drive

Before any video game is ready to hit the shelves, it needs to pass the testing phase. The goal is to minimize the bugs and flaws, and get the initial feedback from the gamers. The only problem is that playing the same level for hours over and over again might be too much for some.

You do have to play the games to 100% completion and pay attention to every detail, but the nice salary might make your headaches go away.  Just don’t think you will be playing your favorite games and having fun like before.

Digital streams and waterfalls

Others gamers turn to streaming sites like Twitch to find their place in the digital sun. So, how does earning thousands of dollars a month without leaving your house sound? With popular games like League of Legends something like this is a tangible reality.

You don’t have to be the best player out there, just the most entertaining and engaging one to watch. With just a web cam, a solid internet connection, a microphone and streaming software, you are set to go. Oh, and I do hope you have a pleasant voice.

We are all made of stars

Have you ever dreamed of making some money as you explore the vast outer space? Well, you might not be able to jump into a spacesuit and do it for real, but solutions like Starburst got you covered. This futuristic slot machine features outlandish environment, impeccable interface and spotless graphics.

It’s easy to embark on a thrilling space adventure and start making cash. With a betting range from $0.10 to $100, Starburst is suitable for most budgets. You don’t have to go to a smoky local casino anymore and spend money like it’s going out of the fashion.

Let me guide you

There are also some indirect ways to earn money in the gaming industry. You can create a gaming blog, for example, and write unofficial guides and walkthroughs. Some players deem them harmful, but many others can’t imagine beating a tough game without them.

There are also those who just can’t help but to get into every meticulous detail of their favorite titles. While sites like Killer Guides and Amazon allow you to sell eBooks, you can always turn to good ole YouTube and offer some video walkthroughs and gameplay commentaries.

A double-edged sword

Video games industry is an enormous field offering numerous career opportunities. Streaming and gaming sites are some of the largest sources of Internet traffic worldwide, but, it’s no walk in the park. It takes hours of hard work and research to make progress, and even then the success is not guaranteed. So, if you mean business, never make the mistake of treating gaming like your childhood hobby. Recording your play for a few hours a day and cracking some silly jokes over the microphone just won’t cut it.

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