An Algorithm to Tip the Lotto Winning Odds in Your Favour

This is what we go to school for, isn’t it – so that we can use what we learn to make us mega, mega rich? Haha, well I wish it was that simple, but by no means does the fact that it’s difficult mean we cannot try at all.

What I’m going on about is something which makes for a rather curious topic to say the least, particularly when you consider just how many claims around “betting systems” and the likes have been made, the most common format through which these claims are delivered being that of a sales pitch. Yes, it’s been a constant feature mostly of affiliate marketing platforms which list and sell digital products and services, that of these “betting systems” which are said to somehow brief you on a sure-fire strategy that will either make sure you eventually win or will improve your odds of winning to the point that winning is only a matter of time.

We all know that that’s a load of nonsense because quite honestly, if you personally had a sure-fire betting strategy which has proven time and time again that it works (you’ve consistently won big using it), would you share it with anyone? Would you even sell it for the average price of an e-book, ranging from around £20 all the way to £200? I think not…

All of that said however, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to tip the odds of winning in your favour, whatever flavour of gambling is to your liking. So whether you want to put yourself in with a chance to win big at or indeed if sports betting has your fancy, there is indeed a way to ensure you have much better odds.

In the grander scheme of things the odds are still as crazy as the odds of any public gambling channel will be, but I mean that’s why the likes of the online Euromillions ( has such an insane jackpot amount at any given time.

So the algorithm is as simple as first checking out the history of the lottery you’re interested in taking a chance on, paying specific attention to the number of times each number has been drawn individually. Where and how you come into this information will be your challenge, but normally this forms part of the tools made available by the lotto operator in question.

So if the numbers on each wager board go from 1-50 for example, your first concern is to find out how many times each of those numbers has been drawn in the entire history of that lottery, or at least going back as far as you possibly can. E.g. number 6 might have been drawn 2,400 times, number 29 drawn 300 times, number 49 drawn 3,345 times, etc…

Then, if for example the game requires you to pick five numbers for each wager, you’ll proceed to make a set of five numbers out of those which have been drawn the least over time. This will be your new lucky set of lotto numbers which you must play religiously every single time you play the lotto.

It’s a simple application of statistical principles in a bid to tip the winning odds in your favour as far as is possible!

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