Is Android Here To Stay? Yes, It Is….Know Why?

The debate is always on- which one is better- Android or iOS? Well, this article is not a guide to finding out this factor, but will provide you with ample reasons as to why Android is still superior and is ruling the market! Although, the debate is heated and thanks to the fans, who give this discussion a constant push, the two competitors are favorites among their fans.

Whatever, be the case, what makes Android so user-friendly on every device? Android is growing continuously, and along with it, its popularity at the same time. That is why now businesses may also consider hiring Mobile app developers to get their company apps custom designed by a professional service. And with the growing app development market, you can definitely consider a developer career. This is a good reason for Android, which is and will always be dominating the market.

Scope Of An Android Developer

So, individuals, with the status as mentioned above of Android, can have a good career as an Android developer. This will ensure a career boost and at the same time an excellent pay too. To achieve this feat, you need to know very well each detail of Android development, and this can only happen if you enroll for a course program. The certification for Android development is available online too, and has a fixed period of the course. On completion of the course, along with the certificate, you can grow the following skills, such as-

  • You can effectively and efficiently develop an Android app
  • You will have an in-depth knowledge of the architecture
  • You can make your apps and publish in play store
  • Even for different wearable devices, you can have the app developing knowledge

While this course can help you to get a job as a developer at the same time, it creates an open platform for you so that you can develop something on your own and show your creativity, skill and expertise to the world, thus giving you recognition.

The online courses also make sure that you work on some form of real life projects during the course program, which makes you ready and gives you lots of practical knowledge that can be applied in the actual field. The online classes have fixed hours within which the fundamentals will be imparted to the students. With efficient faculties and all the materials for the course, there are even live classes that some of the institutions provide.

So, students or professionals who want to make a mark in the app development world with Android as the base can go for this course program

The X-factor

What makes Android so special or what makes it a preferred choice over iOS that creates the magic and confirms the sustainability factor of Android? Take a look to understand deeper-

  1. Widget Factor: Widget was not a part of the iPhones for quite a long time. It has been introduced sometime back only. But, even if it is there, the ball is in the court of Android. Why? Because of iOS’ limited features. Now coming to the customizable factors; Android is loaded with options, making it very easy for you to change the looks of your phone and giving it a unique appearance, while iOS is not even in the picture in this regard.
  2. Multitasking: It was only after the introduction of iOS 10 that the iPhones lost out all its multitasking features. The earlier versions of iPhones have multitasking features. The user could very easily answer an email or a text message by clicking the top of the screen. But iOS 10 changed everything. Now, an iPhone user has to go all the way to the inbox to reply a text. Well, was Apple trying to give an advantage to Android?
  3. Custom ROM: Well, Android gives you the privilege to boost the performance of your device. How? Just by installing custom ROM. Although this is a limited option that Android provides to some of its users, this option is completely missing in iOS. As simple as it may sound; want your iPhone to have a better performance? No other option than changing the phone itself!
  4. Easy App Installation: Android is open source and has developed in a way that you can just download or install an app from anywhere whereas iPhone gives you only access for installation from the Apple store.

The comparison list can just go on and on. Anyway, due to the ease and flexibility Android provides, it will leave its mark anywhere it goes!


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