Benefits of Moving Your Help Desk to a Cloud-Based Service

Cloud help desk software is quickly growing in popularity throughout a multitude of industries. This is largely attributed to the fact that the cloud negates demand for an on-site server, offers room for convenient upgrades and is easy to scale – not to mention that it affords a high degree of customer service and increased efficiency. But before you go off and make the switch, understand that certain software applications are better for cloud migration. With that in mind, here are some of the benefits of moving your help desk to a cloud-based service.

A Setup of Savings

Cloud-based help desk software allows you to save money and time. It’s possible to get an entire company up and running on a fully functioning cloud service that is equipped with nearly all the features of an in-house setup. Why hassle with purchasing, installing and maintaining a dedicated, physical server when you don’t have to? Sure, if you move to the cloud there may be some “sunken costs” stemming from your no-longer-relevant, previous in-house service desk. However, switching to the cloud costs far less to run than a physical server, which can free up budgetary demands for your company in the future. Plus, you can even integrate it with other applications, such as Grouparoo (, to connect your data warehouse to the software to allow your marketing team to access the information they need to do their jobs with ease.

Peace-of-Mind Management

Once you start a cloud-based help desk service, you enter into a partnership between you and your vendor. A plus to this new partnership is that all of the software management is handled remotely, including regular backups to guarantee the safety and security of your company’s data. How’s that for efficiency?! But just remember, the software management may be automatic, but monitoring the performance after the shift to the cloud is still key to the overall success of your service desk. Software like Recast make it easier for help techs to solve user issues more quickly, reducing downtime as well as costs. You can pop over to this website to take a look at what managing system issues with a cloud platform can be like.

Take Your Help Desk On-the-Go

A help desk cloud-based service can offer you and your company instant, on-the-go access. While you’re out and about, you now have the freedom and flexibility to respond to client inquiries and user issues from virtually anywhere on virtually any device – like your smartphone, tablet or laptop. With the cloud, being out of the office doesn’t have to mean being away from work.

Up-to-Date Help Desk Software Versions

Moving your help desk to the cloud gives you greater peace of mind and ensures that any problems you report are handled instantaneously. Better yet, the cloud helps to minimize most of your “problems” because your help desk software is frequently updated to provide your company with enhanced usability and your customers with more efficient and effective resolutions.

This post was provided by IssueTrak, a software company that can help your help desk make the switch to the cloud. Learn more about IssueTrak’s help desk software here.

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