What makes bingo a game for everyone?

It used to be that bingo was a game for the older part of the generation – and even then, usually it was only the ladies who played. Now, though, it’s a different story. There are 100 million bingo players registered with different bingo sites around the world, and though the majority of them are still female, there are also lots of men who play and people of all ages enjoy games of bingo wherever they are, whenever they want.

So what is it that everyone loves about the game of bingo? For a start, it’s a really simple game to play, so it’s ideal for when you want to relax and just be entertained. It’s always been easy to play, but since the game went online, it’s become even easier. As the software marks the matching numbers on a player’s cards, there’s no need to concentrate on the calls that are made. If you have a winning card, then your win be registered on the site automatically and the funds get moved into your account automatically, too.

Along with the fact that bingo is so easy, you can also play for free – and who doesn’t like to play games that might win you cash for nothing? Many of the bingo sites such as Costa and Cheeky Bingo offer free games. If you visit Costa Bingo here you’ll see that you don’t even have to be a funded player to play the free games in three of the rooms – Fun ‘n’ Free, Freesy Peasy, and Fancy Free While most of the games that are free to play have small jackpots attached to them, there are also bigger free jackpot games to play too – Costa’s big free game is Costa Crazy on a Friday night.


It’s not just the fact that bingo is good value that makes it fun for all. It’s also a social thing. When you play online bingo because you don’t have to concentrate on playing the game, instead you can chat to other players in the same game in the bingo chat rooms. While you never know who you might meet in the chat rooms, you may also find that it’s where new friendships begin. There’s always a good atmosphere in the chat rooms as everyone is there for the same reasons – to have fun playing the games and have a good time too. If you hit it off with anyone there, you can always opt to send them a private message that the rest of the roomies can’t read.

One of the most recent developments in online bingo is that most sites now offer at least some of their games in a mobile app, so players now really do have the option to play anywhere and whenever they want. It’s a game that only takes a few minutes at a time and so is ideal to play on the move – as long as you have internet access.

With the flexibility of being able to play anywhere and the ease with which you can play bingo, it should come as no surprise that so many of us now like to play!

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