Are you a business owner in constantly changing times, and it seems very difficult to get a sales process down because the methods keep changing every year?

Well, while the methods of sales/marketing and human idiosyncrasies could change very fast, the very principles of sales/persuasion do not change. From my research, and after a quick study of the book Influence by Robert Cialdini, I have realized that Relationship Building, Authority/Consensus and Value Proposition are three principles of sales you can be sure to always work for your business, regardless of the systems or methods you use to actualize them.

In this article, I will break down exactly how to use these 3 sales principles to increase your sales either in your brick and mortar store or online space. Keep in mind that there are many principles embedded in each of these principles I’ll be sharing, and there are many more triggers or factors that could affect a person’s buying decision, so many we couldn’t possibly satisfy all of them.

The principles mentioned in this article are therefore not the only ones but are some of the strongest and most consistent principles you can be sure will always work regardless of what you sell.

Now a disclaimer: This should go without saying, but I am writing these principles in this article for people who have actual businesses (products and services) which are beneficial to people. If you are selling scammy products, this is not for you.      

With all this in mind, let’s get started.


The principle of Authority (my definition) states that you should follow an expert, especially in a field you know little about.

The principle of Consensus is a bit similar, and it states that you should look to see what the tribe (people who are exactly like you) is doing and do the same.

While these principles are different and often taught differently, I have put them together in this article because they are the principles that involve using other people’s influence to sell your product, service or idea.

If you just learned about personal development yesterday, and you do not know which books you should start reading or which guru you should start following, the first thing you’d probably do is a Google search which would look like:

“Which personal development books are the best?”

“Which personal development workshop can I attend in Ohio?”

“Which online personal development coach should I work with?”

When you get the search results, you’ll either browse through some recommendations on Google or in a top community like reddit or Quora and pick the most recommended. Why?

Because if so many people can vouch for them, then they must be the best. It is the same reason a person seems to be more attractive when he/she gets featured in a fashion magazine, or when they have many of your friends calling them attractive.

So how do you use these strong principles for selling?

  1. Provide good knowledge

If you become famous on Twitter for providing industry specific knowledge that works for your followers, they are going to view you as an authority, and buy your products when the time comes.

  1. Mingle with other top authorities

If you can get top authorities in your industry to endorse you, you will sell more. You can get top authorities to endorse you by building a relationship with them, doing quality work for them, referencing them when you share content and so on.

Relationship Building

If, as a girl, you met a guy today, would you be open to marrying him immediately? I doubt it. No matter how much you like him, you’d want to spend some time building a relationship, getting to know him better before you make that life changing decision.

This principle of relationship building is simply a little combination of the principles of Liking, Reciprocity and Commitment.

While the choice of who to buy from might be less important than the choice of a partner for lifelong commitment, the principles behind them are the same:

People are more likely to buy from people they know, like and trust.

How do people learn to like and trust you?

  1. By making yourself relatable

The reason why rags to riches stories work in personal development is because a lot of people seeking personal development can relate to them. The can relate to being broke, out of shape, being a misfit, etc., and they think “Oh, if this guy who was just like me could do it, then I can too! I just need to learn what he knows!”

Spend some time researching your target clients and understanding their life as it is to them, then use words that describe their lives even better than they can describe it themselves.

  1. By giving them something first

If you can help your target client with something of value that benefits them, they are more likely to like you and want to give back to you.

Value Proposition

The value of your product, and how you present this value to your target customer is very important in influencing their buying decision.

This principle is based on the principles of scarcity and contrast.

If you can show that your product is better than the other options your customer has seen, and you can demonstrate scarcity, then you’ll be more likely to attract more customers fast.

How do you achieve this?

  1. By giving your customer every piece of knowledge they need

A car is sometimes a lifelong decision. Before you can sell a car to someone, there must be enough information to help the person make that buying decision. I’m not saying your sales content should be too long, I’m only saying it should be complete.

Include every single nitty-gritty of your product that is important to help the customer make the right decision and add it to your sales content.

  1. By listing features and benefits

Find out the features that your product has and tie them to the benefits your target clients are looking for. Don’t just waste away a sales opportunity by listing only the features. Include the transformation they are sure to get if they use your product or service and make them dream about having that transformation.

  1. By having a well-defined Unique Selling Proposition

You must find out that important element in your product or service that makes it better than the other products your target customers would normally see. When you find it, describe it properly and present it to your customer the best way possible.

  1. By injecting some scarcity

Humans like doing things on deadline day. It is therefore you give them a time or space deadline to prompt a quick response and give the idea of scarcity in the sales of your product.


The system you use to market to your prospect doesn’t matter, as long as they use the principles of marketing. Now, this is not a 100% guarantee that you will get every single person you attempt these principles with, but it will improve your sales considerably.

Also, it is important that you use these tips nobly and only when you have a truly valuable service to sell. If you use these principles to scam people (and you can), you’ll be a con man, not a businessman or salesman, and that cannot sustain you in the long run.


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Professional Pursuits More and More Amateurs are Choosing to Dabble in

Long gone are the days of the humble book club as a hobby. More and more people are choosing to dabble in complicated hobbies which have entire careers associated with them too. People love to keep busy and they are interested in these complex and time-consuming hobbies to keep their brains and bodies active. Here are some of the most intense professional pursuits that amateurs are always willing to try out.

PCB Design

Printed circuit boards are inside nearly every piece of tech we own. If it has some sort of computing power attached to it then there is a good chance that it has a PCB inside. Tech giants pay their PCB designers thousands of dollars to help keep them at the forefront of technological pursuits. However, there is also a growing community of amateur PCB designers.

Obviously, an amateur PCB designer will often not have the technical capabilities to produce the same sort of products that a team of professional PCB designers will be able to but they still have access to many of the same products, such as the professional PCB design tool Altium. Many amateur designers use tools like Altium to produce high-quality PCBs which take a lot of time and energy to develop.

Weight Training

Most people have a gym membership but it used to be quite rare that you would find a lot of people hitting heavy weights in the free weights zone. Now however, there are more people than ever learning how to lift heavy weights through moves like the deadlift and the squat. These people have no desire whatsoever to enter a weightlifting competition or aim for a professional career in fitness; they just simply want to get a little bit healthier and happier.

Changes are happening outside the gym too. Many of these amateur lifters are schooling themselves on the correct nutrition so they are able to eat the right sort of food to achieve the goals they are dreaming of. From keto diets to counting macros, there are many ways people are choosing to sculpt their bodies.

Makeup Artistry

Once upon a time, you would have to attend a course and work your way through an industry of fashion shows and editorials if you wanted to be recognised as a makeup artist. However, thanks to the rise of Instagram and YouTube, more and more amateur beauty addicts are finding a platform where they can express their creativity.

From giving their opinions on new releases to playing with products to create avant-garde or wearable looks to even collaborating on releases with some of the biggest brands currently out there, the sky is truly the limit for these beauty gurus.

There are so many people nowadays who are finding their feet in the amateur world and using it to climb up into a professional capacity. Any of these hobbies could give you plenty of avenues to explore so why not try dabbling in one of them today and see where it takes you?

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Business Management Tips For The Young Leader

You may physically be young, or you may simply be young in the world of business management.  Either way, there’s a sharp learning curve when you’re the one in charge. Managing an office is one thing, but managing the whole business is another.  

Your job description expands quite a bit when you’re the head honcho of the whole operation.  Check out this brief look at some business management tips for the young leader, and take a few notes along the way.  Equip yourself to take on the world.  

Know-how is not enough 

Knowing all the technical knowledge about your career is excellent, but you can’t succeed on knowledge alone.  Expertise in your field may give you a heads up on the competition, but consumers can’t invest in what they know nothing about.  

Delve into the various aspects of good marketing and administration skills.  These two perks will give you a good foundation to succeed in your new role as a leader.  

Be particular when hiring

Pay close attention to the professionals you choose to hire for your business.  Don’t hire family members, unless it’s a family-run business. Working with family is a challenge all on its own.  Consider hiring remote professionals, as they require less overhead and maintenance. 

Use the tools the internet provides to sift through qualified applicants.  Platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn are a good place to start vetting the best professionals for your successful team.  

Financial management is always a priority

Proper handling and management of the company’s finances is essential.  Make sure you always have the best team of professionals handling the money for your business, and keep a close eye on every dime that moves in and out of your operation.  A monthly budget template is a valuable tool for managing finances.

Make sure your professionals have the tools to succeed, and invest in the latest and greatest financial software for your business.  Don’t make your professionals work with outdated tools.  

Planning is everything in business

You should avoid making rash or speedy decisions as the manager of a business.  Practice the 24 hour rule, and give yourself time to contemplate all dimensions of a big decision in the company.  

One bad decision could really leave your operation damaged, so always choose wisely.  Don’t be afraid to make big changes and take chances, just take the time to consider all the angles.  

Hone your people skills 

Working in business will always mean working with people.  Honing your people skills will always be a proper way to spend your time/money.  Learn to actively listen.  

Learn to allow others the room to shine, and learn empathy.  These most valuable people skills will take you far in any industry of business.  

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How to identify the right social media channels for your business

While setting up a social media presence – or strengthening an existing presence – is an obvious move for your business to make, you could easily stumble when it comes to choosing where exactly to be active on social, with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all beckoning tantalisingly.

A thriving social media strategy would not depend on you using every single available channel. In fact, your attention could be spread overly thinly if you fail to follow the tips below…

Who are your target customers?

One reason why you should adopt a selective, rather than exhaustive, approach to choosing social media channels is that, otherwise, too much of your time and money could be wasted on channels where your target customers are not even particularly active.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be too difficult to refer back to your existing customer personas as you assess the demographic profiles of different social media portals. For example, if you are pursuing a female audience, Pinterest is evidently a good place to be, Forbes shows.

Which channels are especially suited to your brand?

The female-heavy user base of Pinterest can also make it an especially convenient site for use in promoting fashion products. Also counting in Pinterest’s favour here is its highly visual interface, a strength which the site has in common with Instagram.

You should carefully consider facts like these when trying to endeavour how well a particular channel would align with your company’s brand and industry values. Instagram and Pinterest also come with e-commerce-friendly features like product tagging, as Business 2 Community explains.

How are your rivals faring on social media?

This is a particularly useful question to ask yourself, because you could effectively learn from those competitors’ mistakes – and, of course, successes – on their chosen social channels.

Once you have determined which of those channels the companies are using, analyse how well the brands are performing on those channels. If certain channels are not delivering the right returns – in terms of engagement or followers – for those brands, consider avoiding those social media sites.

In assessing the different companies and channels, think about how often the former are posting and whether their followers are quite the type of audience that you had expected.

What exactly do you want to achieve on social media?

Once you have determined where exactly you should be active on social media, you should turn your attention to deciding on the specific goals to work towards. This is important because it can assist you in settling on what type of content you ought to develop for sharing on the channels.

Whether you aim to improve your customer service, foster a steady stream of traffic to your site, convert leads, build a community or simply spread brand awareness, your content – and calls to action – should be geared towards helping to make all of this possible.

If you hit a roadblock, digital marketing services from a provider like Climb Online could help you to overcome it.

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