Cloud Computing: Both Time and Cost Effective

Storing data for your business can be a costly exercise, especially if there is a lot of data to store. Using a hard drive on a computer will quickly fill it and slow down the system, but what is the alternative and do the alternatives really work?

Saving data to a disk is one way of keeping your computer memory free from clutter, this method is no longer very practical as you are then restricted to where you can access the information.


Cloud computing is possibly the best answer to this problem and with many benefits, more and more companies are looking to the cloud for their storage issues. What are the main benefits of using Cloud Based Services?

  1. Cost effective. Storing information on the cloud will prevent the need for server expansion as a business grows. For many smaller businesses this might seem like a long way off, but even small businesses need extra storage for information. While a disk might do the job for now, having multiple disks means a need to store the disks. There is also the risk of damage to the disks or the disk being lost. With cloud storage, the information is always available regardless of what happens in the office.
  2. With more businesses becoming aware of the benefits of being flexible, the need to access important information on the move is increasing. Cloud storage allows you to get to the right information wherever you need it, at home, in the car, even in the bath if you really need to.
  3. Share ability. The ability to share information quickly is greater with Cloud storage. You can access the files from your smart phone and send them anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. This could mean the difference between closing a deal and letting it slip through your fingers.
  4. Time is precious when running a business and Cloud storage can dramatically reduce the amount of down time in your business by allowing collaboration between staff at any time of day.
  5. With today’s world of cybercrime, keeping information secure is more important than ever. Storing sensitive information on disk in the office carries with it the risk of theft or loss. Even Government agencies have had problems with this type of security issue. Storing information in a Cloud storage solution greatly reduces the risk of a security breach.


As you can see, there are many benefits of using a cloud storage solution. Is your business moving with the times and making the most of what the internet has to offer?

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