How To Earn A Living From Your Apple iPhone

Believe it or not, it is possible to earn a good living from your iPhone these days. While it might not be the most reliable means of creating income, it’s much better than spending your life working for other people. To get started, you simply have to register yourself as self-employed and follow our advice. There are lots of different techniques you could select, but we’ve chosen to list only the most popular ones. No matter what your previous experience and skills might involve, there are always going to be opportunities to make money online. Thanks to smartphone advancements, many of them can be handled by your mobile device.

Trading on the stock market

You’re going to need some savings to invest if you want to earn a living from the stock market. However, there is no need to spend your day sat in front of a laptop. Applications like Netotrade on iTunes provide a platform for you to handle your business. You can check the state of the markets, look at prices and make trades from anywhere with a WiFi connection. That means you will have more opportunities for flexibility within your daily routine. Using applications and software of that nature is perfect for people with family commitments who can’t take on a full-time traditional job.

Publishing eBooks

A great way of making money online is to write and publish eBooks. While you will want to use a standard keyboard for most of the writing work, you can handle the publishing aspect from your smartphone. Most people who use Apple products choose to publish their work through iTunes because the process is simple. However, you might like to expand your operation by using Createspace too. That is the platform that allows you to get your titles listed for sale on Amazon. And if you want to increase your sales volume, check how you look for Amazon Category Approval services. The website is mobile friendly, and you can deal with the entire process from your smartphone. Not bad is it?


Thomas van de Weerd

Selling on auction websites

Most online auction websites like eBay have now released smartphone applications for their clients. That means you can upload photos, write descriptions, and place your advert without the need for a computer. If nothing else, doing things that way means you will save a lot of time. It also means that you can check the progress of your sales whenever you need the information. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that eBay is the only site worthy of your time. New auction domains are popping up every single week. Some of them are better than others, but they’re all worth a look.

While you might not have believed it a few minutes ago, you should now see that earning a living from your Apple iPhone is much easier than it sounds. There are lots of people all over the world who manage to create lucrative income streams that way, and so there is no reason you can’t do the same. Quitting your job can be a little worrying, but you’ll be fine. So long as you create a plan and think ahead, you stand the same chance of success as everybody else.


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