Why Is Ethical Hacking A Trending Thing?

While the word hacking may invoke a feeling of terror, thankfully, there are several hackers too who are doing this job ethically, securing you in every possible way. Cyber security is a great concern in the present world, and India is far behind regarding hackers and the number of cyber crimes happening now and then. This has resulted in the necessity of a course program, which will make the individuals ready to protect the essentials and at the same time, diagnose and implement different hacking methodologies.

What Is The Need Of A Certification?

While it is claimed that hacking can be done without getting a degree or so, it is just a myth. The truth is, once you do the course, you will be able to think from the hacker’s perspective and accordingly act on it. The ethical hacking job is far more different from that of a traditional hacker. Ethical hacking is more about prevention rather than intervention. This is the reason; this type of hacking is termed as ‘ethical’.

Let us elaborate the need of ethical hacking more in details with the help of an example. The world is taking a digital transformation, and along with it, every single thing is being done online, including uploading your important credentials. What if, one fine morning you come to know that all your data has just vanished and the reason is a hacker?

You all must have heard about self-driving cars, right? If this is going to be a reality someday, imagine a situation when you are trapped inside, and someone else is controlling your every moment. Isn’t it frightening enough? While the most developed countries of the world are facing the consequences of a cyber attack, India is not any exception. In fact, India doesn’t have enough resources to stop attacks. As a result of this, every year the consequences are being faced.

When it comes to Government credentials too, these are also not safe. If data is to be believed, then India is in the top 10 list of cyber attacks in the whole world. Hence, every single data is preserved in a very vulnerable form. Thus, in all these areas, the security should be competent enough. With the ever increasing security issue, and to provide every sector with sufficient protection, the need of certified ethical hackers has increased.

The Course Prospects

There is not much need of having a definite academic qualification to become an ethical hacker. You need to have certain skills like knowledge of programming language, knowledge of database and computer networks, virtual box, server side scripting, Linux and many similar types, to make you eligible for a certified ethical hacking course. Having practical knowledge in all the above-mentioned fields will give you an advantage.

After completion of a certified ethical hacking course, along with the certification, you will have the following skills that make you a desired candidate in your work field.

  • Working securely on technology and information infrastructure
  • Applying strategies to solve problems and breaches
  • Analyze data and find out the vulnerability
  • Latest knowledge of memory storage, hardware, and infrastructure

What Made Ethical Hacking A Trend?

Hacking, starting from big ventures to small enterprises has led to an unavoidable problem. The hacking rate is simply increasing over the period. With cloud computing being in the limelight, the hacking issue has become more predominant. The IoT devices are too at risk and hardly the risk managers could do anything about it. So, from a common man’s point of view, the only possible thing is to regularly update the passwords and using a protection in the form of firewall. But all these probable steps are not just going to stop the hackers from cracking.

With the increasing technology, the hackers are also growing too and they are now using various advanced features and causing a catastrophe to businesses. While some of the big organizations pay millions of bucks to ethical hackers just to keep a watch, the career prospects seem to be a very lucrative one.

The transformation to digital mode will continue to rise and along with it the security issues. So, when a counter attack is the need of the hour, ethical hackers will be needed in numbers.

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