Five Geeky Things You Should Create This Year

If you’re a computer geek or a nerd at heart you may have some great goals for creating geeky things this year. Technology has made it so much easier to be a crafty geek. With smartphone apps, 3D printers, and the ability to share your nerdy fantasies and addictions online, the options are endless.

Don’t sit idly by this year just playing the video games someone else created and using the apps made by someone else. Don’t simply read someone else’s fan fiction and wish you were creating your own. Make 2017 the year you make your geeky dreams come true.

Your Own App

Develop your own app. Sure, there are already apps out there for everything. Yes, there is even an app for that, but there is always something new that can be created or something old that can be created better or differently.

Come up with an app idea that you’re passionate about. Take the time to learn how to properly develop it. Enjoy the benefits of creating something that people enjoy downloading and using.

A Video Game

You can create a video game app, but why not create a video game people can play on their computers even without the ability to download apps? You might not have the ability to make something that they can use on their PlayStation or Wii, but something your friends can test on their computer for you would make for a great creation (and if you get good feedback you might be able to submit it to Playstation or Wii).

Some Nerdy Music

If you’re a musical nerd you might want to do something great with music. That could be creating some video game music. Maybe you want to learn to play something that is already found in your favorite video games, or maybe you want to create something new of your own. Go for it!

A Blog Or Website

Get your fan fiction out of your head and onto paper, or online anyway. If you like to write and want to share your nerdy stories with other people you have a few options. You can start your own website, start a blog, or you could even become a self-published author of ebook or print books.

A New Toy

Whether you have a 3D printer or plan to mold something in resin, you could consider making some toys only a geek would love. Make something from your favorite superhero movies, build a robot, or create a space alien. You could even sew something if you’re so inclined. In case you plan to build or mold a huge toy, then ensure that you have all the materials you may need (such as a chopped mat fiberglass) on hand!

There are tons of greek things you can do to show your love for whatever geeky stuff you like. Make art, write, create something cool, and get it out there where people can see it. Who knows, you can make money from your passion for science fiction or fantasy stories or even your computer and tech addiction.

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