Gadgets At The Cutting Edge

Just ten years ago so many gadgets and tech advances were beyond our reach. Lots of the things you see in everyday use now were just a distant hope. Further back in the past, it would have been practically inconceivable that everyone would have a phone. Let alone the fact that every phone can access the internet, take pictures and function as an advanced calculator.

Of course, we’ve begun to take these things for granted now. But there is always another set of aspirational technology. This means developments that are just on the horizon of being used in everyday life. Just a few years ago this meant tablets. Although they seemed like a cool thing to play with, very few people used them extensively. Now you see receptionists and hostesses using them daily while we watch films on them all the time.

Identifying these emerging trends is a very interesting hobby. It lets you begin to understand the general direction that tech is taking and occasionally it lets you get ahead of the market. I’ve taken some time to identify what I think are the emerging trends in these areas.

3D Printers

As you can see from sites like, technology such as this is now becoming affordable. At the moment, 3D printers have some pretty niche applications. Aside from being a novelty, they are used a lot by modellers and designers. But in the future we could see them being used in the home for any number of purposes. They could replace some mechanical parts of other products or even replace them completely.

One day in the not too distant future your car may break down. Stranded at your house, you’ll email your car dealership. They’ll send the design straight to your printer, along with installation instructions, and you’ll print off your repairs.



Of course, drones have now made the leap from industrial to home markets. They make incredibly engaging toys that can be acquired at a surprisingly low cost. You can even attach cameras to them, making them cool pieces of kit for the amateur photographer or cinematographer.

You do have to be careful with kit like this though. In response to rising use in public spaces, there are a number of laws and regulations coming into effect. You should definitely do some reading before you spend your cash.

Electric Car

Well, this isn’t exactly a gadget in the traditional sense. An electric car should eventually be able to completely replace your traditional automobile at a fraction of the cost. Clean, fast, and way more energy efficient, many electric cars are finally becoming viable. Especially when you realise how easy it is to find Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting’ EV car charger installation or a similar service for your home.

In many cases, the biggest obstacle to their widespread use is the lack of charging ports elsewhere. The government and energy companies are also rolling out more facilities across the country. In a few years, you should be able to use an electric car with no worries about charging.

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