How Geekdom Has Grown With The Internet

The internet is a geek haven, and not just for computer geeks. In fact, geeks of all kinds have flocked online to find the latest fantasy movies, the coolest games, and more. There are ways that you need to reach out to the geeks, because in geek culture you need more than just a Star Wars trailer on the TV.

Websites For Geeks

There are tons of websites for geeks, and many for each and every type of geek. For example, if you are a horror movie nerd you can find websites like Shock Till You Drop that can give you all of the recent information on the newest horror films, remakes, and even the platforms they are coming out on. You can also read the reviews of different movies on sites such as and know which one would be more interesting to watch first. Apparently, most movie nerds tend to follow such websites regularly so that they don’t miss out on the latest release.

There are different types of websites available these days to keep people of different taste, interested and engaged. Somehow, this type of website finds a way to market to whatever type of geek would like them, from Star Trek to Star Wars, and from Dr. Who to anything else that geeks are fans of.

Advertising For Geeks

If you are trying to advertise to the geek culture the above websites are the ones you are going to want to reach out to. You want to go to places where geeks go. That means that you also want to create advertising that speaks to them, don’t dumb it down, give them something new and interesting that peaks their interest.

Shopping For Geeks

Geeks that love to shop can find a lot of great websites online full of things that are attractive to them. Websites like are great places to find fun and geeky items that may cost a little more but are sure to be thinks that the geek in your life will love to own.

What do geeks want? Well, it depends on what they get their geek on over. If they are fans of superhero movies they’ll get their geek on about Captain America hoodies and the shield. If they are Star Wars geeks they’ll go crazy over a nearly realistic light saber.

Social Media For Geeks

Geeks are the first ones on the newest social media sites when they are launched, and they are likely the ones that created them. Memes, movie trailers, and fun gadgets are the things that geeks want to find and share on their social media sites, and they want to see advertisements for the latest computers and gadgets. That’s just another reason it’s important for businesses to market through social media, to all types of people.

The geeks created the internet and they help it continue to grow. You can’t do a search for the word geek without coming up with a giant menagerie of cool sites for any type of geek culture. They shop online, they share online, and they enjoy streaming their favorite stardoms online.

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