Key Benefits of Owning a Domain Name

Owning your own website is a crucial step in building an online business. One of the first steps to owning a website is buying your own domain name. It’s not uncommon for people to build a blog before they buy a domain name, but they are often left feeling disappointed with low traffic. Most startup businesses enjoy a large increase in traffic when they simply buy a domain name. Below are a few other advantages that you will notice.Own Your Website

When you purchase a domain name, you own your own site. As part of this ownership, you get to operate your business under your own terms of service. If you use a free domain that is provided by another website, you are limited by its terms of service. This means that if that provider doesn’t like what you’re selling or the way you do business, it can simply refuse you service, and you lose everything.

Increase the Value of Your Website

The value of your website increases as it attracts more visitors, and owning your own domain often increases traffic to your site. Having your own domain also helps you build credibility with popular search engines such as Google and Bing. Being the owner of a popular domain name can be like sitting on a popular piece of real estate.

Better Rankings on Search Engines

It’s not uncommon for domains to rank higher than sub-domains on search engines like Google. The only exception to this rule may be a brand new website that has little content. This is not to say that a sub-domain can’t rank well, but the chances are that the rankings for that site would be higher if the owner owns a domain name.

Easier to Move Your Website

When you own your domain name, it becomes easy to move your site in between hosting providers. Many of them make moving your site as easy as clicking a button. This is very different than trying to move a blog domain between hosting providers. The process of moving a sub-domain can become time consuming and complicated.

Give Your Site a Professional Look

Finally, upgrading from a sub-domain to a purchased domain name gives your online business a professional appearance. When a potential customer visits a sub-domain, they can also see the name of the hosting company in the address bar. This makes the website feel unprofessional, and consumers often question if stores like this are a safe place to shop.

If you buy domain names and become the owner of a domain name is like giving life to your unique brand. You are the one who gets to enjoy the profits of your website, not a company that provides a free sub-domain. With the help of a domain name and a little search engine optimization, you can build your website into an online authority.

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