52 Weeks, 52 Books, 52 Games One Year

What happens when a spur of the moment New Year’s resolution runs amok?  A Challenge is born, a Website comes to be and one Guy gets busy.

It all began as I was walking through the mall on an ultimately fruitless quest to find a pair of decent fitting jeans.  Passing by B. Dalton I noticed the “Store Closing Sale” banner.  It is the last book store in our town and so I decided to step in and say farewell.  Plus everything was 50% off.  Twenty minutes and twenty bucks later I had a sackful of books in hand.  Maybe it was the New Year’s-ness about but for some reason, in that moment, I decided to make a resolution to read this year.

How much to read?  How about 52 books in 2013-14? It would be tough, but then what’s the point of an easy resolution?
A few hours later, back at home, while washing dishes a new thought popped into mind.  52 Movies.  52 books and movies in 2013-14.  Yeah I could do that.
A bit later still I sat at my computer sharing my new resolution when when one more idea came.  52 Games. 52 books, movies and games in 2010.  Could I do that?  It’s crazy isn’t it?


But I also like to write, and Blog.. So it’s not all about me!


The Challenge

To read 52 books, watch 52 movies and play through 52 games in 2013-2014 all the while chronicling my experiences here.


Why Geek?

Well… Because I am.  I think it is only fair that you should know that up front.  In part this project is an attempt to reconnect with my geek heritage, lost over the last ten years to the pressures of work and family.  This is not to say that every book, movie and game will be geeky, only that you will be getting a geek’s eye perspective on them.


And the most important bit…


The Reason

For too long now I have lived a a head down, charge forward kind of life.  I have set goals and achieved most of them, but in doing so have too often left behind the people and things that I love.  One of those loves is story. Stories that don’t just entertain us but shape us.  Stories that take us away to magical worlds only to find in those far distant places the beauty that lies within each of us.  I want to once again battle dragons on Krynn, to seek out new worlds, to uncover long buried mysteries and to find new loves, new companions and new adventures.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some reading to do.


Oh, one last thing. My name is Jayce. Glad to meet you.

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