Microsoft Surface Pro 4: See what the fuzz is all about

Microsoft just released the Surface Pro 4, the successor to the buzzworthy Surface Pro 3. Is the Surface Pro 4 cool enough [spoiler: it had gone way cooler than ever with its updated cooling system] to create a much bigger buzz? Can this tablet/laptop hybrid replace your current laptop?

If you already heard of its great power and what it can do for you, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is out now at Harvey Norman at $1,499. But if you need further convincing, here are the things that make the Surface Pro 4 the best tablet to buy:

It is lighter yet is more powerful than ever.

One thing that separates the Surface Pro from the competition is that it revolutionized the tablet market. Back then tablets are just an accessory, Microsoft made them a work essential. The Surface Pro 4 takes this a step further. Weighing only just 766 grams, the Surface Pro 4 is almost 5% lighter than its predecessor, yet it got a bigger screen and faster processors. Whether you are a home blogger or a graphic designer, you can use the Surface Pro 4 for work-on-the-go.

It has an exceptional battery performance and the best processor.

With a battery life of approximately 9 hours, you have your work hours covered. And if that isn’t enough, it uses the latest generation of Intel processors, with an M3, i5, or i7 option, giving you the best performance a computer could give in a small tablet form. Business meetings will always be possible using its stunning 5MP front-facing and 8MP rear-end camera. The Surface Pro 4 is also backwards compatible with previous Surface accessories, along with new accessories such as the Surface Dock for an easier way to charge.

It’s powered by Windows 10, with plenty of applications to choose from.

The Surface Pro 4 can help you accomplish a variety of task, from simple word processing to processor intensive tasks such as video editing and 3D rendering, and it does so smoothly with the help of Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft. Use voice command to do task with Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant, and leave markups on webpages using the Surface Pen. It also works perfectly with Windows Office, and has a plethora of apps available, from the Adobe Creative Suite to AutoCAD design software.

It’s way cooler.

Not only does the Surface Pro 4 have a sleek and elegant design, it also uses a hybrid liquid cooling system, which makes use of cooling pipes instead of the standard cooling fan when using less processor intensive tasks such as web browsing and word processing. It also have SSD storage, which is significantly faster than HDD, with options as high as 1024 GB of memory.

Microsoft continues to innovate the tablet industry with the Surface Pro 4. With its cutting edge design, sleek user interface, and the latest technology, it’s a great investment for casual and professional users alike. We are impressed once again by Microsoft’s dedication in giving the best technological solutions. You can get your hands on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 now at Harvey Norman for $1,499.

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