Promotions Done Right – How to Make the Most of a Special Offer

Banners, advertorials, videos and links placed in various places – these are all effective tools to promote your products and services online. They make your brand better known, tell the potential customers where to find you and why they should choose you. But there is one more effective tool you can use to raise awareness and attract more potential customers, which – if done right – can boost your sales more than a mere ad campaign: promotions. Emphasis on “done right”, of course. Here are some tricks that can help you choose the right one for your needs.


Choose the right incentive

Make it clear for your potential customers what they will get if they choose you. It’s usually a good idea to offer something spectacular as the “first prize”, something people are willing to compete for.

The Royal Vegas has a yearly recurring promotion called the “International Casino Games”. During the promotion its players – new or returning – have a chance to win exciting cash prizes and other benefits. Besides, the “first prize” of the International Casino Games promotion is none other than a 7 day vacation for two on board a Caribbean cruise ship (in its previous editions the casino has worked with the Royal Caribbean), with all expenses covered. The prize can be won by 50 players. The prize is big enough to be talk of the trade, and stands out of the crowd that offers prizes like small electronics or bonus money to players.


Know your goals

Before starting a promotion, be sure to set the goals for it, and work toward that goal throughout the special offer. Sometimes you want to attract new customers, other times the goal is to raise sales, or even just to raise awareness about your product and service. Make sure to shape all your offers and communication toward the goal you set from the first time.

Royal Vegas online casino has several ongoing casino promotions, aimed at different categories of customers. There is one that is aimed at first time players, a rewards program for returning, loyal customers, and monthly promotions that are available for both categories of players.

Don’t turn promotions into losses!

The special offers you make must be attractive enough to compel, but reasonable enough for you to avoid losses. In case of discounts, for example, take into account the costs involved, and keep your specials above the red ink. Be sure to make the terms and conditions of the offer as clear as possible, so your customers will not mistake your special with a permanent offer. A business is not a charity, after all – its goal is to make profits.

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