The Robot Revolution: Six Jobs That Will Soon Be Replaced By Machines

Sci fi films have always pointed to a robot revolution. There will soon come a time where humans are entirely replaced in industry by machines. The safest jobs are the highly skilled, intelligence based careers. But, even now robots are being developed with artificial intelligence. There is an unpredictable future ahead when it comes to machines. Many industries are now occupied by robots. In the following six industries, robots are already displacing human jobs. Let’s take a look.


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  1. Driving

We’ve heard talk about self-driving cars for years and years. Finally, the technology is advanced far enough. Not only that, but laws are slowly being relaxed to allow self-driving vehicles. Many trains, subways and underground trains are now driverless. These are the first transport jobs to be cut, but there will be more. When taxis, busses and (dare we say it) planes go driverless, there will be huge cuts.

  1. Sewing

Sewing machines have existed for decades to assist clothes makers. However, the technology exists now to make clothes and fabrics without the human touch. This might not affect many businesses in the western world any more. However, it will have a devastating impact on the developing world where this industry is relied upon.

  1. Data entry and telemarketing

Already these menial tasks are being assigned to robots and machines. Many companies are now investing in complex data entry software that removes the need for human input. Of course, checks and monitoring will always be needed. Telemarketing is also moving in this direction. Having said that, we’re yet to see how effective robotic communication will be.

  1. Factory work and manufacture

This is perhaps the biggest sector to already rely on robots. The auto manufacture industry is highly reliant on machines to put together cars. The same is true in many engineering circles. In factories, machines are largely responsible for essential tasks. Companies like Spiraltech already build complex factory machinery. This will only continue into the future as we remove the need for a human touch.

  1. Cashiers and retail assistants

Again, this is already happening on a widespread scale. Electronic, self-service checkout tills like the kind produced by KIOSK, are already commonplace at many major retailers. The big companies are still ironing out the problems here. But within a decade they will have slashed the number of human retail assistants. As customers, we won’t always trust machines. But, we will certainly need less hands on deck in the store.

  1. Astronauts

We’ve been sending robots to space for years. Spacecrafts are, essentially, giant robots after all. However, the technology is becoming so self-sufficient that we soon won’t need humans at all. Robots are already collecting data from the surface of Mars without a manned craft. Even engineering jobs within NASA are being replaced by robots.

Of course, we will always need the intelligent brains behind these industries. However, the menial and smaller tasks are slowly being replaced by machines and robots. They are more efficient, cost effective and reliable. The future of our industries is certainly in a state of change!


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