Different Strokes for Different Folks: There’s a Video Game Out There for Every Passion

Video games have come a long way since those early days of the arcade. Today, no matter who you are or what your hobbies and interests are, there are video games for you. Even those of you who insist that you hate video games can find something to play. We promise! Feeling skeptical? Here are just some of the different types of games out there that you might enjoy.

Time Wasters

These are games to help you kill time while you wait in line or wait for someone to arrive. They can be put down quickly without much angst about losing your progress. Games like 2 Dots, Threes, Candy Crush, etc. Sure there are lots of levels but you can play at your own pace and you don’t have to worry about saving your progress or collecting loot or even playing with other people. Be careful, though! These games can be addicting!

Casino Games

The great thing about these games is that you typically play for points instead of actual money, so you don’t have to worry about selling your car or anything else you’ve seen in the movies. The other great thing is that many of these casino game sites have blogs and tutorials–here is a good example–to help you sharpen your skills so that when you do eventually gamble in a “real life” casino, you’ll know what you’re doing.

First Person Shooter

Do you love action and war movies? The first person shooter (or FPS) games are for you. In these games you can play either alone against the computer or you can play against (or with) other players. The basic point of these games is to mow down whatever crosses your path, collect weapons and loot and defeat the bad guys. Halo, Call of Duty, etc. are good examples of this type of game.

Running/Adventure Games

You play a character who runs through worlds in search of treasure, to rescue someone in distress, to get away from bad guys, etc. These games are fun because while they are packed with action, but they aren’t necessarily violent. Tomb Raider, Mirror’s Edge, Kirby, et al. are good running games.

Puzzle Games

You have two major choices with puzzle games: do you want to play something quick like the time wasters mentioned above? Or do you want something with more story and character development. For example, Gone Home was a big hit a few years ago (and the sequel is out soon) and is a fantastic example of a puzzle game. The Witness is a recent release that has also been very popular.


MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) is a simulated online environment in which many people play at the same time. World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and Elder Scrolls are all good examples of this. You can play on your own or join a team and adventure through the world that has been built. These games are a little harder to learn, but they can also be wildly addicting.

There are a lot more types of games out there–video versions of tabletop games, interactive/choose your own adventure games, etc. We promise, you’ll find something you love.

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