Ultimate Endpoints In Geek Culture

There’s a lot of focus on the present when it comes to a lot of modern ideas about geek culture. What are you doing right now? Are you playing video games? Are you going to comic conferences? Are you hanging out with your friends in your mom’s basement? There are millions of stereotypes of what it means to be a geek.

But, what about the ultimate endpoints that people want to experience after being part of this culture? The answer to that is going to rest in the ideas of things like having jobs in heavy industry, gaming, coding and programming; of creating startup business successes, and the idea of work and life balance with respect to geek hobbies.

Industrial Jobs

One interesting endpoint for geek culture is in heavy industry, or some other profession where you would end up doing extremely detailed work for some type of overall corporate structure. For instance, heavy industry needs experienced professionals in manufacturing plants that would involve a lot of the same problem solving skills that a typical geek would have. So, while you are doing your activities that certain people look down at, you are also preparing yourself for some extremely well-paying potential in the future of engineering.

Gaming Jobs

Though they aren’t particularly common, you can find jobs in the video game industry. Some of the more rockstar status ones are going to be the people who game at competitions. However, there are also plenty of jobs that support the gaming community, such as troubleshooting support for people that are making video games. Especially with new virtual reality technology that’s coming out, finding gaming jobs can be much more respectable and lucrative than it has been in the past.

Coding Jobs

Closely related to the idea of gaming jobs, there are also jobs that you can get where you can be employed to doing coding. Looking for coding and programming jobs is pretty easy, as they are in high demand. However, coding is actually an extremely difficult and detail oriented task, so you should plan on putting in a serious number of hours to learn that skill set.

Startup Success

How many CEOs of the major tech companies right now started out in geek culture? It would probably be fair to say just about all of them. So, if you think about what the ultimate endpoints are geek culture, it might be to run your own company, at which point you’d be independently wealthy enough to pretty much do whatever you wanted to. As a start though, you might want to keep an eye out on the latest tech innovations and stay regularly updated with the help of tech blogs, magazines, or a Tech Podcast. This can help you figure out any gaps that would need to be filled, giving you the next big idea for your own company.

Work and Life Balance

When it comes to work and life balance, the culture has it figured out pretty well. When people find it something that they are passionate about, and can figure out how to use this both as a hobby and profession, and also enjoy the social aspects of the community, that leads to a very satisfying and point in life, which is why geek culture can be such a positive place.

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