The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Gaming Room

If gaming is your life then you probably dream of creating the ultimate gaming room. If you have some spare space in your home, whether it’s a whole room or just a corner, now could be the time to make your dream come true. You can set up your space without having too big of a budget, although a bit more money to spend will obviously get you a better result. After your gaming machines you’ll need to think about your screen, chair, storage and sound and vision options. With a little thought, you can create the ultimate gaming paradise, where you can retreat to at the end of the day for a little down time.

Visual Displays

After your console(s), your TV screen is the next most important thing in your gaming room. What sort of screen you buy depends on what aspect of the graphics is most important to you, and partly the games you play too. If you care about a deeper contrast and cutting down on motion blur, a plasma screen might be better for you than a LCD TV. But LCDs can give you a brighter, sharper image with better color. There’s a third option, if you’ve recently started playing 3D games. A 3D TV will give you an awesome experience with your new games, although they’re obviously more expensive. You will also need to make sure you have a high quality HDMI cable that can connect your console to the TV. Ask friends for recommendations or even take a look online to find the best cables for your display.

Sound Set Up

For a lot of people, the sound is just as important as the image when they’re playing. If the speakers on your TV just aren’t good enough, go for a full surround sound experience – VIZIO has information on one such type of surround sound you could consider. You need a bit more space to do this, but it’s worth it when you can make the room shake. If you’re working with a little less space, you might have to choose a sophisticated set of headphones over the latest surround sound system. You don’t want to disturb anyone else if you live in close quarters with other people. Don’t forget to get some high-quality HDMI cables to make the most of your audio and visual connections.

Comfortable Seating

Of course, if you’re going to spend all day gaming, you need to get comfortable. Everyone has their preference for how they like to sit when they have a good session. You might want to sink into a bean bag, kick back on a recliner or stretch out on a sofa. If you want your seating to be optimized for gaming comfort, take a look at some gaming chairs. They have features that other seating types don’t. These include built-in speakers, touch-control panels, and a little bit more movement if you don’t like sitting perfectly still.


With your screen, speakers, consoles and games, you’ll need a way to keep everything organized. Investing in an entertainment center will stop your cables from getting tangled up and your games from being strewn all over the room. Get a media tower if you have a huge collection of games to make sure you find everything when you want it.


Photo source: Vancouver Film School

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