Remember These Lessons to Succeed

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and fellow entrepreneurs?   Hello everyone! I’m Dmitry Tsyplakov, serial entrepreneur and digital product manager. At the moment i’m launching a project in real estate in California. Prior to Property Technology, I had managed digital products in Blockchain and Marketplaces.   What is your background?   Thinking […]

What is the Technology behind Cryptocurrency?

Many people are wondering how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum and other related technologies work. The underlying technology behind these digital currencies is called cryptocurrency. The developers behind cryptocurrency created it to enable a new form of transaction, just like the money that we have now, but without banks, central governments or international financial institutions. […]

Getting into Software Development

The term “programming language” refers to a set of existing languages that software developers use to program applications, scripts, queries, components (like feature toggle) and more. We will cover some of the most popular languages as they are used, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as workplace requirements and salary ranges. Sample applications and applications […]

The Attraction of Online Gaming

No longer do we play at home alone; we have a whole world of players that we now interact with when it comes to online gaming. Companies such as VamosGG are taking gaming to new levels of interaction. This article will explore that side of gaming, along with other reasons that so many people are […]