Promotions Done Right – How to Make the Most of a Special Offer

Banners, advertorials, videos and links placed in various places – these are all effective tools to promote your products and services online. They make your brand better known, tell the potential customers where to find you and why they should choose you. But there is one more effective tool you can use to raise awareness and attract more potential customers, which – if done right – can boost your sales more than a mere ad campaign: promotions. Emphasis on “done right”, of course. Here are some tricks that can help you choose the right one for your needs.

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Tackle your problems with the help of the best iPhone spy app

It is strange how your opinion about a particular thing changes with the way you feel about that thing. Even a barren land could make you smile if you have good memories attached to it and even a beautiful rose could bring tears to your eyes if you have bitter memories with it. With the sleek and slim looks and mesmerizing features that children love about iPhones, parents see it as nothing more than a big bar of soap that their children are mad about. Excessive usage of anything is never favorable for anyone and children tend to misuse their iPhone a lot. In such situations, the best iPhone spy app could help parents control the misuse of iPhone by their child.

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Why Photography Is So Important in Branding?

In our visually rich world dominated by social media your brand isn’t just exposed to your customers, it’s out there for the entire world to see. With 20 billion photos on Instagram, 300 million photos uploaded onto Facebook daily, and about ten percent of the photos ever taken being published in the past twelve months, it’s no surprise that according to a recent survey published on eMarketer that 75% of photos account for content worldwide.

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History of Encryption

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all deal with encryption in our day-to-day lives, both at home and at work. Encryption has made it possible for us all to use computers and networks, free from people stealing our information and data. Encryption is not a modern development, and it origins can be traced back to 700bc were the Spartan used cipher to send secret messages during times of war. This infographic has been made by the email encryption company Egress to look at the history and origins of encryption.

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Entering the Superfast Highway

Its midway through 2015 and internet is BIG news on a global scale. From net neutrality in the States to the FTTH projects taking place across Europe, Asia and Africa and the latest initiative in London to deliver Fibre to the Basement, we are under no disillusion that the internet IS the 4th utility that is rapidly integrating itself into every aspect of our daily lives all around the world.

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