Instagram makes Twitter stumble with it’s image services

That means Instagram images may now appear in Twitter as though they are off-centre or poorly cropped. Previously, thanks to the Twitter cards feature, Instagram photographs would appear perfectly within a user’s Twitter profile.

The falling out between the two companies is latest in a series of squabbles that Twitter has become involved with other internet companies, including LinkedIn, the professional social network and Tumblr, a rival blogging service.

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Instagram and the smutty sleezy underground

Leyland is spicing up her relationship with the help of Instagram, the hugely popular smartphone app that allows you to take and share pictures with friends, “followers” and anyone with an internet connection. Recently it has also become the app of choice for soft-porn enthusiasts, who are flooding the service with suggestive images. Instagram has become Instaporn.

“For us, it’s more discreet than watching a porn movie or buying a dirty magazine. And it’s free,” Leyland explains.

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