Benefits of Unlocking Your HTC Smartphone

When you buy a post-paid plan from a network carrier they usually lock your phone so you can only use the phone only on their network services. For the customers there are no upsides to owning a locked phone. The bright side is that unlocking your phone is legal now, so you are left with a lot of information and choices on how to unlock your HTC smartphone. Here are some of the benefits of having an unlocked HTC Smartphone:

  1. You can use your HTC with any SIM card

When carriers lock their phones, they limit their users only to their networks and SIM cards. If you unlock your HTC phone, you can use it on any other network with any SIM card of your choice. This means that you will no longer be “locked” to the network that you bought the HTC from. 

  1. You can remove pre-installed apps

Locked phones come with limited features and additional apps installed by your network that you can’t remove. After you unlock your HTC smartphone, you can delete the pre-installed apps and install better and free alternatives of your choice.

  1. You can use your phone from anywhere

If your HTC was locked, carriers would have the option to disable their network services to certain locations, states and counties. After you unlock your HTC, you can use it from anywhere around the world in any location.

  1. You get faster updates

Usually, mobile networks don’t like their customers to update their HTCs instantly because with every new update there are new problems that can occur due to the pre-installed apps from the network or some unexpected errors with their services. Carriers like to thoroughly test and debug any new updates to make them more secure and adapt them to their services, which takes a lot of time. Unlocked smartphones can update their phone whenever the new update officially rolls out for everyone.

  1. You can sell your HTC for a higher price

Unlocking your phone costs some money and rightfully so, you can ask for a higher price when selling your phone. Unlocked HTCs get sold more easily too.

Now that you know the benefits you can go right away and unlock your HTC. You have a lot of choices for unlocking your HTC. You can use an online service like SafeUnlockCode and unlock it in minutes. Network carriers can unlock your phone too if your contract has passed and local phone stores can unlock your phone for a higher price then online services. An online service is the cheapest and easiest way of unlocking your HTC smartphone.

Is your HTC unlocked? What are your thoughts on unlocking your phone?

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