How to Win at the Stock Image Publishing Game

I discussed how your images can earn you some money in a previous post and feel that the topic of stock image publishing should be revisited, this time with more of a focus on getting ahead in what is essentially becoming a very competitive sphere. With thousands of people realising just how easy it can be to upload a few of their pictures and earn some good money through each download on platforms like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Shotshop, etc., it’s becoming a rather competitive market, but there are some basic fundamentals you can effect to make sure your images stand out firstly, but perhaps most importantly, are so-called “money images” — those images which people want to use as stock imagery. Continue reading “How to Win at the Stock Image Publishing Game” »

Keeping Your Company’s Data Safe: 5 Policies to Implement Immediately


When you think about the possibility of an organization being able to secure their information, then you are already thinking about risk management. And, when you consider the amount of crimes that are coming out each and every day that negatively affect the organization or that could represent a threat to your operations, then you need to think about just what policies your company needs to put in right off of the bat. Whether you are large or small, you have to have the proper checks to protect your business from outside threats. Continue reading “Keeping Your Company’s Data Safe: 5 Policies to Implement Immediately” »

The Most Challenging Web Application Development Projects


If you’ve gone through a computer science lesson on any level, whether the subject was one of the modules in your formal academic course or if you raced through some coding tutorials, examples and exercises you came across online, one thing is for certain — you feel empowered. You feel as if having gotten the basics, you perhaps have an idea for an application to develop which could perhaps change the way some or other task is done for the better and hopefully even generate you a good sum of money while even a small segment of the market finds it useful enough to make good use of. Continue reading “The Most Challenging Web Application Development Projects” »

My Tips on Recovering Photos and Files on a Samsung Galaxy


Last Christmas I received a Samsung Galaxy unit as a present from my husband. It was a dream come true to me since I really long to have this phone but can’t afford to buy one because of our tight budget. Hence, life has never been better since I owned this phone. In fact, I find it very useful and handy when taking pictures of our family during candid moments. And because its pixels are clear enough, your videos and pictures will always turn out to be very nice. Continue reading “My Tips on Recovering Photos and Files on a Samsung Galaxy” »