The Virtues and Vices of the Mobile Casino


Fast and Easy!

Remember the time when it took days to receive one simple message Today, receiving and sending messages from across the globe only takes a few seconds, thanks to mobile phones! And, thanks to the Internet, buying food or clothes, paying bills, doing business deals can all be done in a matter of minutes. Mobile goodies really make our life easier. Work gets done in a jiffy so you still have time to relax!

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How To Use Technology To Make Your Work Run Smoothly


Technology is not there to make our lives harder – it should make everything simple for you on a daily basis. If you tend to back away from new devices and software, you could miss out on a world of things that will be a massive help to your business. Only when you understand what tech can do for your company, can you start to use it to its full potential. If you currently only use basic tools, you need to educate yourself. Here is how you can use modern devices to make your business run smoothly.

#1 Schedule everything in a calendar

Whenever you have a meeting, you need to schedule it in your calendar online. You can do so using your laptop, tablet or even smartphone. If you get an online calendar, it means that you don’t have to worry about carrying a notebook with you everywhere you go. Instead, you can use whatever device you happen to have with you at the time. You should make a habit of writing down each of your daily tasks so that you always know what your schedule is.

#2 Use a ‘notes’ app to store info

Again, there is no need to carry around a notebook – at least, not when you have any modern device. You can get a ‘notes’ app on your smartphone that will allow you to take notes when you are on the go. You should use this app as much as possible. Much of the time, people think that they can remember everything without writing it down. If you come up with a new idea, you have to make sure that you save it. Otherwise, before you know it, you could have forgotten it forever.

#3 Email invitations to other users

When you schedule meetings with people, you can email them information about it. Sometimes, this comes in the form of an invitation. For example, if you use Google Hangouts, you can invite someone to have a video chat or a phone call with you. Then, when it is time to have the meeting, you will both get an email and a reminder on your smartphone. That means that everyone will know what they are doing, and nobody will ever miss a meeting again. If you get into the habit of sending people invites, you will find that you also have a record of all your meetings online.

#4 Sync all your business details

When you are working with a variety of calendars and email systems, you need to make sure that they all work together. You should synchronize all your schedules and messages so that you have the in one place. You can use a cloud exchange service to make sure that everything you use work in harmony with your other programs. That means that all you need to do is look at your computer to get all the information you need for the day. This idea could save you time and money.

#5 Use voice commands when possible

If you are a slow typist, there is some great news for you. Now, most modern devices have a speaker function that allows you to use voice commands, rather than they keyboard. That means that you can speak to your smartphone and make it do the things you need it to do. Over time, that will save you loads of time because you can just press a button and start talking. This trick is a little like having a personal assistant; only you don’t have to pay them anything for their services.

If you use these ways to make your business processes smooth, you will always know just what to do. Organization can be tricky, but with new tech, it can be easier than you think.


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3 Tech Gadgets Every Proffesional Blogger Needs


Whether you have just launched your first professional blog or have been a blogger for some time. You will know that there are certain things you need to be successful in the blogging industry.

As a blogger, you will know that gadgets are essential for many things. From completing blogs while out and about to taking spur of the moment photos for your site, gadgets are essential. You will also know that some of the gadgets and tech devices that you need may be specific just to you.

To be successful a blog needs to attract a good amount of traffic, to do this, your site must always have interesting, valuable and useful content on it. And, should be updated at various times throughout the day with new content and activity.

If you are new to blogging, you may be asking yourself which the best gadgets are to invest in. Perhaps you have limited funds and can only afford to invest in one or two things, but are unsure what to choose.

To help you choose the best blogger gadgets, we have put together a guide to three tech items every blogger needs.


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  1. Laptop or netbook

While you may have a desktop computer at home, a laptop or netbook is also essential, especially if you travel a lot. As a blogger, you need to be able to create posts, edit them and add images and updates to your site wherever you are, and a laptop or netbook is perfect for doing this.

While netbooks tend to be cheaper and easier to transport than laptops, the quality is rarely as high. Plus, the screen size on a netbook is much smaller than on a laptop. However, if you can only afford a netbook, it isn’t the end of the world, both styles of computer are ideal for bloggers.

  1. Smartphone

Over the past few years, developments in technology have meant that smartphones are basically mini computers. Anything you can do on a computer, including creating blog content and editing it, you can also do on a smartphone.

Sim free phones are fantastic blogging tools that can be used for all manner of things. From sharing content on social media to taking photographs and editing blog posts, smartphones are impressive blogging tools. Plus, with so many fabulous blogging apps to choose from, there is very little you can’t use your smartphone for.

However, it is important to note that while a smartphone is great for tweaking posts and using social media, the screen isn’t large enough for writing new posts. So, as well as a smartphone a laptop is also necessary.

  1. Digital camera

To become a successful blogger, being able to take high-quality pictures is essential. That is why having a good-quality digital camera is an absolute must.

While you may be wondering why you can’t just use your smartphone to take photographs for your blog. It is important to realise that there is a major difference in smartphone and camera picture quality. And, that for a professional blog, professional standard pictures are a fundamental requirement.



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Level Up: How Instagram Photo Booths Will Rock Your Marketing Strategy


Image by Jenny via Flicker

Image by Jenny via Flicker

Since the inception of the camera, people have been recording memorable moments with people they love to be around at events they’d like to remember. From Saturday afternoon “mall dates” in Junior High to weddings, fairgrounds, concerts and tradeshows – the photo booth has never been more social.

Back in the day (oh, boy now I am aging myself) all the social integration we needed was to have our friends beside us in the photo, pulling our hair or sticking their fingers in our nose –today it’s all about reach. It’s not enough to share the memory with a close friend, we want to share it was all of our friends, and your friends, too.

And that’s one heck of an amazing opportunity if you’re a purposeful marketing manager with a brand message you’d like to share.

If you’re working hard to produce a complete brand strategy that involves social media integration, listen up; this one is for you.

Generation Y, Millennials, and Those Who Follow, Like, and Share


If the demographic you are after is enveloped somewhere between Generation Y and today’s up-and-coming Millennials, you are definitely going to want to incorporate this little nugget into your branding strategy; Photo booths – powered with Instagram.

But don’t just take my word on it; Every single day there are 55 million photos uploaded with interactions such as comments (nearing 100 million) and almost 700 million “likes” – yeah, I said every single day – and that is a huge chunk of market you’re completely ignoring if you’re not jumping in.

Simply put; all you need is a well thought out event that is attractive to your demographic (cosplay, anyone?) and an Instagram – equipped photo booth with your logo splashed in the background.

Photo booth users receive their photos through your brand-based Instagram account, and if you’re feeling extra savvy – automagicallyhashtag each image with a brand message.

Some Additional Instagram Tips

If you’re going to use Instagram for your brand you’re going to need a brand-friendly relevant profile image, a 200 character concise description of the reason you joined the party, and a link to a mobile-friendly website. Yeah. That last one is the world’s biggest screw-up: Do you have any idea how many brands make a campaign geared for mobile but then forget to make the website they link to responsive or mobile friendly? Yeah. We see this even more with lazy “me-too” QR code campaigns.

Details, folks!


Instagram also allows you to expand on your brand story with exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and opens the door for your social media manager to engage with viewers on the fly (yeah that’s what they’re called nowadays – calling yourself a “social media rock star” was over before it began).

There are a lot of really great people who can help you set up this sort of campaign, although we suggest starting with the wonderful folks at

At the end of the day, if you’re able to speak hipster and provide some valuable content, people are in.

People want to be engaged socially online. While “socially online” may sound like an oxymoron to me and you 30 – 50-year-olds, it sure did a heck of a lot for the first Obama campaign. His methods are so useful, even Israel is calling on the Obama social media team to ramp up elections for their US-favoured candidate.

Now that’s clever.

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What makes bingo a game for everyone?


It used to be that bingo was a game for the older part of the generation – and even then, usually it was only the ladies who played. Now, though, it’s a different story. There are 100 million bingo players registered with different bingo sites around the world, and though the majority of them are still female, there are also lots of men who play and people of all ages enjoy games of bingo wherever they are, whenever they want.

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