5 Uncommon Ways To Promote Your Business


Sometimes trying unorthodox methods does lead to success, however that is very rare. How successful your promotion campaign goes depends upon the way it is planned. The ways you decide to promote your business should be well thought and well reviewed. There are thousands of easy ways in which a promotion campaign turns out successful but still, some people choose pretty unusual ways.  Continue reading “5 Uncommon Ways To Promote Your Business” »

Geek alert: 10 tallest buildings outside London


Buildings are getting taller all the time, so to speak. It’s been a long time since the BT Tower (then Post Office Tower) was the tallest structure in London; these days it’s all about The Shard, with The Trellis (still under construction) hot on its heels, both towering a dizzying 309 m (1014 ft) above terra firma.

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5 Ways Computing Affects the Fashion Industry


Computers, computing, technology and advancement in processes affect nearly everything in modern human society, and the fashion industry is no different. And while computers aren’t the first things that you think about, most likely, when you think of things like fashion shows, or even fashionable people, when you scratch just a bit below the surface, the connections start to become more apparent.

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Lock and Roll With a Panacea to All Your Phone Privacy Problems


While not everyone thinks that phone privacy is important, they end up realising that they were wrong when they get weird phone calls or find that their phonebook has been browsed through by someone else when you left your device out in the open. In such cases, all you would need to do is lock and roll. If you are wondering how you can do that, then it is high time you did some homework on the best phone privacy defender app. Continue reading “Lock and Roll With a Panacea to All Your Phone Privacy Problems” »