The Dawning of a New Age: Online Casino USA!

The Dawning of a New Age: Online Casino USA!

New Jersey-based players have had a full year to reflect on ground-breaking legislation that now permits them to play online casino games for real money. In November 2013, Governor Christie endorsed legislation to permit legal age players in New Jersey to enjoy online casino games for real money. This is significant since it rewrites the gaming culture in the state, and quite possibly the US as a whole. Players across the US were badly burned when the notorious Black Friday of 2011 stripped the country of top online poker rooms like PokerStars, Party Poker and FullTilt Poker. According to the terms of the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), US banks and financial institutions are barred from transferring money to/from online casinos, online poker rooms and betting sites. The legislation is complex, but in its simplest form online gaming is not permitted at federal level.  Individual states have taken it upon themselves to legislate this issue and progress is certainly being made. Presently, New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada have authorized online gaming in varying degrees. New Jersey offers the full spectrum of casino games to all players aged 21 and above.

New Jersey Department of Gambling Enforcement (DGE)

New Jersey Department of Gambling Enforcement (DGE)

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The framework for online gambling legislation in the Garden State falls under the purview of the DGE. In November 2013 all licensed land-based casinos with their online casino partners officially went live with a selection of online casino games for players across New Jersey. Sophisticated gaming technology was put into place to ensure that only New Jersey residents or visitors had access to real money casino games. This is verified by way of geolocation tracking technology which triangulates a player’s position. The issue was highly contentious in heavily populated border areas like Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York. In its infancy stages, the geolocation tracking technology was inaccurate and falsely included residents of other states, while sometimes excluding New Jersey residents from playing real money casino games. Players have to verify their identities with government issued ID/drivers licenses, or passports and Social Security cards. Leading from the Front in New Jersey

There are several leading online casinos operating in New Jersey, with Caesars Online Casino at the helm. As Atlantic City’s premier land-based casino, Caesars Casino Atlantic City partnered with Caesars Interactive Entertainment to roll out Caesars Online Casino. This prestigious gaming operator features the full gamut of casino games, including slots online, roulette online, online blackjack, video poker games online and jackpot games. Top titles include Jacks or Better, European Roulette, Vegas Blackjack, Street Fighter II, King Kong and Star Trek. Online casino USA initiatives have certainly gained tremendous momentum from the success of the online gaming industry in New Jersey. As a result, Pennsylvania and California are now seriously considering introducing bills to allow online gaming in their jurisdictions too.

What Are SIM Cards And Why Do We Need Them?


Most people know that they cannot operate their mobile phones and smartphones without a SIM card inside of them. These small chips come in a few different shapes and sizes. To the layman, they seem to have embedded data that allows us to connect to our host networks.

But, have you ever wondered why we need to use SIM cards in our cell phones? And just what are they, apart from being gold-colored chips? Today’s article gives you an insight into how something so small helps us communicate with the world around us.


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How do cell phones work?

Some of you will know that mobile phones work over radio waves. They “talk” to radio masts in your local area. In fact, there are thousands of these masts all over the country. As you travel from one “cell” area to another, you don’t lose signal as long as you’re in a zone with a transmitter.

In essence, it works in a similar way to the radio in your car. Does your local radio station send transmissions over a large area? If so, the signal it sends out gets fed through several regional transmitters.

Except with cell phones, your handset can send data as well. That data could be your voice in a phone conversation. It could be a text message. Or it could even be “packet” data when you use your smartphone’s web browser, for example.

Why are SIM cards needed?

With me so far? Good! Now, we know that many cell phones need a small chip called a SIM card to work. But, have you ever wondered why some mobiles don’t need a SIM card? The answer is down to the type of network they use.

GSM networks, which power many of the world’s cell phone networks, need a SIM card. CDMA networks, like those utilized in the United States, don’t usually need one. Now, you might be wondering why we need SIM cards at all. After all, can’t we all just use CDMA networks?

With SIM cards, you can use any device to connect to the network as long as the device works with that network. Some people use “unlocked” phones for this purpose. That means you can change your mobile phone to a newer model and still use the same SIM card with it.

That’s a problem with CDMA networks because you’re restricted to the one phone.

Who makes these SIM cards?

Some people assume that the mobile networks themselves make the SIM cards. In fact, other companies manufacture the SIM cards for them! For example, Workz SIM card manufacturers provide the cards for Middle-Eastern network operators.

What happens if we lose our SIM cards?

The good thing about SIM cards is that they can get replaced. If your phone gets lost or stolen, the mobile network can deactivate the old SIM card and activate your subscriber details on a new one.

And because mobile networks have such a high stock of SIM cards, you will usually not get charged for a replacement.


Mechanical Keyboards: Should You Go And Make The Switch?

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Most people don’t give a second thought to the keyboards they use with their computer systems. Some of them feel “cheap” and “plasticky.” While others have a soft, satisfying touch.

Modern computer systems don’t come with keyboards that offer much in the way of feedback these days. Old-school PC users might remember hardware built by IBM. And, to be precise, the IBM Model M keyboard.

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I realize that I’m starting to show my age now! But I remember using that same model of keyboard when I first started using computers. Fast forward to the 21st century. I had (wrongly) assumed that such mechanical keyboards were no longer “in fashion” in the computer world.

As it turns out, there is a strong following of users that prefer the tactile touch of mechanical keyboards. Of course, not everyone wants to use a keyboard that doesn’t have a “Windows” keyboard button on it.

Nor do they want to use one with a PS/2 or Serial connector on it. These days, it’s all about USB connectivity, don’t you know!

Are you are considering getting a new keyboard for your home or office PC? If so, should you make the switch from mainstream to mechanical? Today’s blog post will help you to find out the answer to that question.

So… Just what is a mechanical keyboard?

If you’ve never had the pleasure of using an IBM Model M keyboard before, you might not know just what is a mechanical keyboard.

In a nutshell, today’s mainstream keyboards have rubber “domes” underneath each key. They work in tandem with plastic membranes. They are cheap to produce and buy, and they are spill-resistant.

Mechanical keyboards use physical switches to determine which keys got pressed. Each key uses a plastic base, spring, and a stem. They produce that familiar “clicking” sound with every key press.

Are mechanical keyboards getting popular?

In a word, yes. For example, go to the Google website and search for “Mechanical Keyboards UK.” You will find a plethora of companies advertising and selling such devices.

Many consumers are getting bored with the lackluster choice of keyboards on the market these days. It seems there is a trend for getting “back to basics” due to the growing amounts of people buying mechanical keyboards.

Who uses mechanical keyboards?

It might surprise you to learn that the biggest users of mechanical keyboards are the gaming community! And, as you might expect, such keyboards are available in a range of colors and styles.

Scores of gamers prefer the “retro” feel of mechanical keyboards. And there is also another practical reason this group of people is making the switch. PC-based games often use keyboard shortcuts.

Sometimes it is hard to know when a key get pressed mid-play as gamers seldom take their eyes off the display in front of them!

What are the downsides to mechanical keyboards?

If you need a keyboard that gets used for plenty of typing work each day, mechanical keyboards are the wrong choice for you! They make an audible clicking sound. If you touch-type with such a device, it can sound like you’re using a typewriter!

Apply Pay UK Launch: Could iPhones Replace Credit Cards?

Apply Pay
Apply Pay

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Apple Pay was launched in America back in October 2014, and it has already become the most popular mobile payment solution in the US, according to Said to be one of Apple’s smartest marketing moves, the phone payment is fully backed by Bank of America, with the bank releasing a commercial encouraging their customers to make payments through their iPhones. With Apple Pay being available only on the iPhone 6, sales have shown strong uptake since launch – and no doubt, the partnership with Bank of America has helped to leverage those sales.

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Four Reasons to Have Meetings Off-Site


Startups or smaller companies can’t compete with the standard of facilities that more established companies can offer. This means they tend to use spaces on offer from commercial properties like hotels or restaurants when it comes to organising a company meeting or speaking to an important client. Renting an off-site meeting room from a specialist company, though, means you have access to the same features as even the biggest companies.

Improve Your Image

They say that you should never underestimate the importance of first impressions in life and it’s no different in business. When you’re looking to meet a client or interview a potential employee, renting space from a company like LEO is the best way to leave a positive lasting impression. They offer rooms in high-end London locations like Mayfair, Belgravia and Knightsbridge or in the heart of the city. Similar premises were previously limited to only established companies.

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Awesome Ways You Can Get Creative Online

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The beauty of the internet these days is that is has given limitless options to those with creative talent. Since the boom of MySpace helped break popular music acts, the internet has become the go-to device for creative minds. Because it is a global entity, the internet is so powerful as a self-marketing tool.

If you are creative, then you will want exposure for your work, and there is no better exposure than online exposure. Marketing yourself online will guarantee that you reach the greatest number of people possible. Once something goes viral on the internet it can spread like wildfire.

The power of social network sites makes it easy to promote yourself or anything you have created in a quick and efficient way. Before the internet took off, it was much more difficult for creative individuals to get a foot in the door. It became a lot harder to break into whichever industry it was that they were targeting. As a result, a lot of talented people were overlooked simply due to lack of exposure.

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With the internet helping discover new talent every day across the world now is the perfect time to get creative online. There are so many resources that it is possible to do almost anything creative you could think of.

If you harbour aspirations of a creative career, then you need to consider the benefits that the internet can offer. You can get on there and expose your work to millions of people. Use social media sites to give people access to your work. You may even catch the attention of someone powerful who is in a position to help you.

So what kind of ways can you get creative online? Well, the possibilities are almost endless but and it will depend on what your creative talents and interests are. But let’s have a look at some options open to you of ways to get creative online.

Write a Comic

Comics are becoming a more virtual process nowadays. There are plenty of opportunities that will allow you to create and collaborate online to create a comic book. You can elect to do an entire full-size comic, or you could choose something shorter.

Social media has embraced the idea of an online comic book creation. This is well illustrated by the use and popularity of BitStrips the online Facebook comic strip.  This allows users to create a mini comic for themselves and share it with other users.

There are other opportunities for comic strip creation, such as using the Rage comics maker. This is an online format that allows you to create short comic strips. You can use an array of existing illustrations and add your own written content.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog has become a popular and fashionable concept in recent times. Blogging has become important as an online medium and businesses have begun to embrace blogs. Online presence is important for business, and a blog offers a company the chance to create a solid online presence.

If you want to create your own blog, then the process is simple, and you can have your first post up within a matter of hours. The great thing about blogging is that you can write about anything.

Try to pick something that you are passionate about as you will invest more of yourself and your creative side into it. You can use your blog to rant, rave, promote.Anything you choose to do. It is your domain. Your blank canvas. You are filling it with your thoughts and feelings, and this will help your creativity.

Write a Screenplay

Writing a screenplay is an arduous task, but this doesn’t stop thousands of people each year attempting to do just that. Writing a screenplay has replaced the great American novel as the top creative exponent pursued by people.

There are a lot of online resources that will help you to write a screenplay, and there are even some that will provide you with a template. You can join the site and log on and begin writing your opus. This saves you having to buy expensive screenwriting software. It also provides you with advice on format, layout and structure.

If you are going to write a screenplay online though you should make sure you study the format first. Screenwriting is different from any other type of writing, and so it would be advisable to study the craft before rushing into it.

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Record a Song

Yes, you can even record a song online now. Sites exist such as free online recording studios where you can record anything you choose. These sites will allow you select the style of song you want to record, say rap or pop. You will be able to add in bass, beats and backing vocals.

In fact, you’ll be able a lot of the things that you could do if you were in a recording studio. You can do it all from the comfort of your home. The ability to make home recordings is fantastic for up and coming talent or musicians who don’t have a lot of money.

You will have the opportunity to make a professional sounding recording.

Do a Vlog

Another option open to you would be to do a video blog or vlog. The idea here is the same as a blog except that it will be you talking about topics rather than writing about them. Vlogs are growing in popularity and exposure each year. They’re often preferred to blogs as they are more accessible to those without writing talent.

You could record a vlog using your webcam and then upload it to YouTube, or you can access sites that allow you to do so. The advantage of a vlog is that it can be more spontaneous than a blog and will often bring out your personality more.

It could uncover some talent or aptitude you have for a particular topic, or may showcase your comic timing. Vlogs are a fun and easy way to get involved in the blogging scene even if you have no interest in writing.