Cloud Computing: Both Time and Cost Effective


Storing data for your business can be a costly exercise, especially if there is a lot of data to store. Using a hard drive on a computer will quickly fill it and slow down the system, but what is the alternative and do the alternatives really work?

Saving data to a disk is one way of keeping your computer memory free from clutter, this method is no longer very practical as you are then restricted to where you can access the information.

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4 Things To Look For In Your Web Host



Most people don’t put a lot of thought into their choice of web host. In fact, we’d be interested to hear from website owners on this one. Why exactly did you choose the web host that currently supports your site? We’re willing to bet than 80% made their decision based on price. We instinctively choose the lowest price for our web hosts. After all, $3 a month vs $30 a month, is there really that much difference between web hosts? Well, yes, there is!

If you’re feeling a little lost already, your web host is the foundation of your website. It’s the plot of land, or server, that your site stands on. As such it needs to be strong, fast, secure and reliable. The more you pay, the better service you get. So, what else should you look for in a good web host?


Data center full of dedicated hosting servers: source

  1. Support – Your website often represents your livelihood. Perhaps you’re running an online store, or hosting a blog that brings in money. If you rely on your website for income, you need to know that there’s a powerful support team behind the scenes. You need to trust them. If your website is down, you need to call them and have it back online immediately. Start looking at reviews and interviews with web users. Find out who has the best customer support and help service.
  1. Uptime – A website lives or dies by its uptime. If your site goes down, even for a short period of time, you could lose lots of potential sales. The best web hosts boast an ‘uptime’ of 99%. That’s your minimum target. After all, your website should be online all the time.
  1. Shared, VPS, or dedicated servers – As we mentioned previously, your web host is the plot of land your website sits on. Now, there are a few different plots of land you can buy. The first is a shared server. That means you’ll build your site on the same plot of land as hundreds of other websites. You’ll use the same resources and share the weight of web traffic. A VPS server is private corner within a shared server, fenced off just for you. As such, it’s a little more reliable. Lastly, you can opt for a dedicated server, which is an entire plot of land all to yourself. You’ll have to search hard for cheap dedicated servers, but it’s the best choice for a big business.
  1. Backup and security – The last thing you want is hackers breaking into your site. If your site is destroyed or corrupted, it could threaten your entire business. You could even lose vital data. With that in mind, you need a web host with excellent security credentials. Following that, you need a host with a great backup plan. If the worst happens, and your website is lost, there must be a quick and easy way to regain the backups.

There you have it, folks! Don’t rush into your web host decision. It matters more than you think. You’re looking for speed, strength, and security. Don’t compromise.

Level Up: How Instagram Photo Booths Will Rock Your Marketing Strategy


Image by Jenny via Flicker

Image by Jenny via Flicker

Since the inception of the camera, people have been recording memorable moments with people they love to be around at events they’d like to remember. From Saturday afternoon “mall dates” in Junior High to weddings, fairgrounds, concerts and tradeshows – the photo booth has never been more social.

Back in the day (oh, boy now I am aging myself) all the social integration we needed was to have our friends beside us in the photo, pulling our hair or sticking their fingers in our nose –today it’s all about reach. It’s not enough to share the memory with a close friend, we want to share it was all of our friends, and your friends, too.

And that’s one heck of an amazing opportunity if you’re a purposeful marketing manager with a brand message you’d like to share.

If you’re working hard to produce a complete brand strategy that involves social media integration, listen up; this one is for you.

Generation Y, Millennials, and Those Who Follow, Like, and Share


If the demographic you are after is enveloped somewhere between Generation Y and today’s up-and-coming Millennials, you are definitely going to want to incorporate this little nugget into your branding strategy; Photo booths – powered with Instagram.

But don’t just take my word on it; Every single day there are 55 million photos uploaded with interactions such as comments (nearing 100 million) and almost 700 million “likes” – yeah, I said every single day – and that is a huge chunk of market you’re completely ignoring if you’re not jumping in.

Simply put; all you need is a well thought out event that is attractive to your demographic (cosplay, anyone?) and an Instagram – equipped photo booth with your logo splashed in the background.

Photo booth users receive their photos through your brand-based Instagram account, and if you’re feeling extra savvy – automagicallyhashtag each image with a brand message.

Some Additional Instagram Tips

If you’re going to use Instagram for your brand you’re going to need a brand-friendly relevant profile image, a 200 character concise description of the reason you joined the party, and a link to a mobile-friendly website. Yeah. That last one is the world’s biggest screw-up: Do you have any idea how many brands make a campaign geared for mobile but then forget to make the website they link to responsive or mobile friendly? Yeah. We see this even more with lazy “me-too” QR code campaigns.

Details, folks!


Instagram also allows you to expand on your brand story with exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and opens the door for your social media manager to engage with viewers on the fly (yeah that’s what they’re called nowadays – calling yourself a “social media rock star” was over before it began).

There are a lot of really great people who can help you set up this sort of campaign, although we suggest starting with the wonderful folks at

At the end of the day, if you’re able to speak hipster and provide some valuable content, people are in.

People want to be engaged socially online. While “socially online” may sound like an oxymoron to me and you 30 – 50-year-olds, it sure did a heck of a lot for the first Obama campaign. His methods are so useful, even Israel is calling on the Obama social media team to ramp up elections for their US-favoured candidate.

Now that’s clever.

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Take Your Gadgets To The Next Level With These Awesome Accessories


If you’re anything like us, you get a little tingly feeling when you find an awesome new gadget! It’s those clever little designs and ingenious inventions that we get excited about. Our entire website is devoted to fancy playthings and geeky inventions and this post is no different. Except, today we’re looking at all the extra things that make our gadgets even better. We’ve scoured the web for some of the coolest add-ons and accessories on the market. Here’s our pick of the bunch.

Wireless keyboard for smartphone – We couldn’t go anywhere without our smartphone, but it has one major problem. It’s less than ideal for those with chubby fingers! The touchscreen keyboards are just asking for countless autocorrect fails. Messy spelling and incorrect grammar are par for the course with small screen keyboards. Not ideal for business emails! We like to use a detachable, wireless qwerty keyboard. It slots into your iPhone and gives you much more control. It’s perfect for blogging on the fly too!

Phone sanitiser – You don’t even want to know how many germs and bacteria there are on your phone. With our hands all over them every day, they pick up some nasty surprises. We use an electronic phone sanitiser to purge it of the little critters!

Portable power bank – There are all sorts of portable chargers and power banks on the market. They make sure you never drop another call or miss an important email again. Your mum can always get through to you and you can check Twitter without risking your battery life. There are plenty out there, but we think Huuman have some of the coolest designs.

Selfie stick – Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no doubting their popularity! They turn every activity into a photo perfect moment. They’re loved by the adventure community for filming their epic ski runs on a GoPro. After gaining traction, they’re now commonplace around our cities.

Smartphone camera lens – Most modern smartphone cameras have incredible power. They are super high definition and ready for anything. However, you can step it up a notch with an extra camera lens. Great for Instagrammers and amateur photo enthusiasts. You can choose from a fish eye lens or a soft focus specialist.

External smartphone speakers – Now you can have a spontaneous party wherever you are! Whether it’s a trip to the beach or a night in at your friend’s house, extra speakers make a big difference. Most smartphone speakers are just too tinny and hollow for decent sound quality. Every sound obsessed geek needs an upgrade.

Pillow speakers – A slight alternative to the previous point, pillow speakers are simply amazing. Studies have shows that listening to music before falling asleep helps you rest better. Plug your mp3 player or smartphone into the special pillow, and it will play soothing music into your ears. Wonderful!

True gadget lovers aren’t content with simple toys; they need upgrades! Take your gadgets to the next level with these awesome add-ons. Have we missed any of your favourite accessories?




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5 Storage Ideas for a Better Business


Selling online is easier than ever, with consumers of all ages now enjoying the convenience of home shopping. It makes eCommerce an inviting business prospect for startups and established businesses alike, as overheads can be kept low and flexible working hours are possible. Stock storage is one of the biggest challenges faced by eCommerce businesses, with many struggling to find a system that’s efficient in terms of cost and time.

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The Technological Revolution: Jobs That Machines Have Taken Over


Once upon a time, no one could have imagined a job that would be performed remotely without the need of a man or a woman. Now, there are plenty of jobs that are being sized up to be replaced by yet another batch of machines. I don’t mean to get all Terminator because I am not saying that Skynet is going to take over the world and eradicate all of humanity. However, it is hard not to look back and wonder how some generation used to get along without the aid of technology. Staying with that theme, here are a few jobs that used to be carried out by hand.




In America and Europe especially, the industrial revolution played a massive part in making the life of farmers a lot easier. Because we survive of wheat and crops, machines like tractors that we take for granted, came along and completed the job in half the time. Before that, farmers and their families used to go out and work in the field by hand or with an ox and cart. Today, no self-respecting farmer would get caught working dawn until dusk with their hands.

Factory Work

To be honest, factory work and factory employees have benefited from the rise of technology. Yes, technology has taken over some people’s jobs, but it has also made work a lot safer. Go as far back as the fifties and sixties, not too long ago, and people were dying or sustaining terrible injuries at work. Now, the technology means that machines can do the dirty work, so humans do not have to.

Plus, it also allows business to run smoother. For example, businesses that use scientific injection molding and other scientific tools can get through far more work than by hand. All they need to do is set the machine to the settings they need and wait for them to pop out the final product.



Bank Teller

Banks used to be the lifeblood of the community. Now, they are shutting down across the country because they are not as popular. Most people don’t even use a bank as they can draw money out from the cash machine or ATM. The only reason to bother interacting with the bank clerk is to cash a check or something as rare. Everything else you can do remotely at the click of a button.


In some quarters, receptionists are still the face of the company. However, the conventional company as we know it is also beginning to evolve into something new. As a result, more and more people are using automated messaging services as opposed to receptionists. There are two main reasons for the change. Firstly, businesses don’t have premises because they are run online so don’t need a receptionist. And secondly, it is far cheaper.

In some cases, it is not a bad thing that people have been replaced by technology. For one thing, banking is far quicker and easier. But, there is a sense that we are losing touch with humanity because we would rather deal with machines than people. One thing’s for sure: the revolution is set to continue.