Why SEO Shouldn’t Be Considered Optional


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Search engine optimisation, commonly shortened to SEO, is a very important online marketing technique for any business with a website. Websites need to be thoroughly optimised for the search engines, otherwise people who are in need of your product/service may never be able to find you! Wouldn’t that be a disaster? Even though SEO is essential, you’ll find that many businesses see it as an optional extra, and don’t bother practicing SEO or hiring somebody to do it for them. This is a FATAL mistake. Read on to learn more about SEO and why it isn’t an optional extra, it’s a must:

It Makes Your Site More Visible and Is Good for Branding

SEO is good for your site visibility and branding. Let’s think about the steps you take when you are looking for a specific product or service online. You don’t simply type in one search term and leave it at that, do you? You type in multiple search terms, amending it each time to make it more accurate for what you’re looking for. If you can show up in all of these instances for the customer, then you get more of a chance having them click through to your site. Make sure you use white hat techniques though! An online marketing company like White Chalk Road could tell you all about this.

Your Business Will Seem More Credible

High search rankings make you more credible, whether a potential customer realises it or not. Having that support from Google instantly makes them trust you more when they see you ranked highly for a search term. Nobody wants to trawl through page after page of listings, so the higher you can get with SEO, the better.

You’ll Get More Traffic

SEO spreads the word about your site quickly, to potential customers who are looking for your product or service. This will instantly get your more traffic. Now, while more traffic won’t get you more sales alone, chances are many of your visitors will become your customers. It’s like the difference between opening a shop on a deserted street and opening one in the middle of a busy town centre!

SEO Has One of the Best ROI’s When it Comes to Advertising

In advertising, especially online advertising, SEO is one of the best methods when it comes to getting a quick return on your investment. This is because you aren’t interrupting a person’s favorite program or showing up before a Youtube video where you aren’t wanted. You’re simply coming forward when they are looking for you. Then all you need to do is convince them that they should buy what they need from you and nobody else!

SEO Can Help you To Learn More About your Customers

Google analytics can give you a fantastic insight into how your visitor’s brains work. You can see how they browse, when they browse, the search terms they use, and much more. This allows you to hone your campaign until it’s virtually perfect!

SEO is a great marketing technique for businesses of all kinds, and will give you fantastic results providing you choose a professional to do it for you!

The Trouble with Internet Privacy – Featuring Kevin Spacey!

Internet Privacy

I’ve been doing a bit of reading about Internet Privacy recently and came across the old article on the BBC:


I know this is mainly down to the big record labels pushing this, but do they really think people wont just find another way around it?

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Why Outsourcing Could Save Your Business Money


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There was a time when everyone had to be in the same office. Every aspect of the job was in-house and few businesses outsourced work. Doing everything in-house may have worked forty years ago, but it is now an outdated way of working.

With such a vast amount of skills needed within any modern business, it is rarely viable to have staff with every skill you need. If you have never considered outsourcing work, perhaps it is time to do so. Begin by working with trusted freelancers and companies to outsource elements of your business. Outsourced projects in no way devalue your business. So long as you work with people who you trust and have a proven track record of high-quality work you should have no problems.

Outsourcing is a fantastic way in which to save your business money in the long run. It means that you do not have to pay salaries to people whose skills you don’t need all the time. Here are a few ways you can save money by outsourcing work.

Work With Freelancers

Many skilled people are now opting to become self-employed. Rather than working for just one company, becoming a freelancer means they can work for many companies.

You can use the current wealth of freelancers to your advantage by picking and choosing the skills you need from them. For instance, if you need a writer for a short-term project, but have no one in-house, then you can consider hiring a freelancer. By hiring a freelance writer it means that you do not need the writer to become a full-time member of staff, yet you can still use them for your projects.

The notion of freelancing is quite modern but allows many advantages to both employer and employee. You can find freelancers by advertising online.

Use Specialist Companies

For more skilled projects, you should consider outsourcing work to a specialist agency or company. Some projects involve specialist skills, such as design and technology-based projects. These projects need experts in the field.

For example, if you are looking for a web designer, Perth, then you can find an agency that will provide you with the right person. Outsourcing work to agencies has added security as it allows you to engage with a business rather than just an individual. You can be sure that this business has employed the most talented experts for the job and so you can trust them.

There is no need to hire a full-time specialist if you just need them on rare occasions. Instead, trust in an expert and use them only when needed.

Commision Ad-hoc Projects

The beauty of using freelancers and outside agencies is that you can commission work on an ad-hoc basis. Doing so allows you the freedom to give someone as much or as little work as you need. This system of hiring people works for both you and the person or agency you hire. They can refuse work, should they not have the time, or take on more work when they do have the time.

With this system, no one’s time or money goes to waste. It is one of the most productive ways of working alongside people and also an ethical way of working. People get paid per project and so provide you with quality work.

Make Great Working Relationships

Throughout this process of hiring freelancers and agencies, you will also meet new contacts. By making new contacts, you expand your professional network. What this expansion means in the long-term is that should you need similar work doing again, you know who you can trust.

Expanding your working relationships allows you the freedom to explore opportunities with other businesses. Doing so can only be beneficial for you and your business. So, whilst you are saving money, you’re also improving your business.

Why Are Wireless Networks The Future For Business?  


The traditional model of fixed physical cabling is now becoming less appealing for modern businesses that see the many advantages offered by wireless networks, with wi-fi likely to be the preferred communication mode of the future for many companies.




Frankly wireless networks are a far more practical solution for businesses that require cost-savings and flexibility.


Connection speeds are usually far faster, enabling greater efficiency and higher profits therefore.


The majority of devices reaching the market today which find usage in the business world such as smartphones, laptops and tablets are fully-optimised for wireless – people (staff, clients) expect to be able to connect wherever they are in an office: the meeting-room, the canteen, break-out spaces. Having to find a cable and available socket every time a client visits, or a change of room is required, is inconvenient.


Going wireless allows for significantly greater scalability – if a business is expanding rapidly, this is likely to be done in stages. Adding new cabling each time would be expensive and disruptive, but wireless networks reduces the hassle to a minimum. Thus business flexibility and cost-saving is attained.


Although there have been concerns over network security (cabling is viewed as more secure since it is contained within a building whereas a wireless network can in theory be accessed from some distance away from an office), security measures are now very advanced and are usually effective so long as staff actually use them. And when it comes to detecting rogue access points, this is actually easier than with cabling.


Voice-over WLAN communications are easy, enabling staff to stay in touch with their colleagues and clients by a variety of channels, again improving business efficiency.


Any business looking to upgrade its technology or move into different premises is naturally going to have wireless communications at the top of its agenda. The potential benefits are far too many to ignore, so this is definitely going to be the future for business. The other important point to consider of course is that we don’t know what technological requirements we will have in 10, 20 years’ time – wireless networks though are much more likely to be able to cope, and are easier to replace if necessary too.

You’ll never believe what this university did for their online military students


Southern New Hampshire University understands and respects the enormous sacrifice our veterans, military servicemembers and their families have made and continue to make on behalf of our country.


SNHU are staunch supporters of our military population, providing military academic advisors for our students who offer a true sense of support and understanding, because they have been there themselves.

To show their appreciation, SNHU went around the world to make surprise diploma deliveries to members of our military community that couldn’t attend graduation. With the help of their friends and family, SNHU facilitated surprise diploma deliveries to a Marine spouse at her husband’s promotion party, an Army veteran at his office on Fort Bragg in North Carolina, an active-duty Sailor on base in Singapore, and a veteran’s wife, living in San Diego, Calif.

Click here to out more about how SNHU supports the military.

To show your appreciation to our military population, simply Tweet with the hashtag #SNHUsalute

About Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University is a nonprofit, regionally accredited university with an 80-year history of educating successful professionals on campus in Manchester, N.H., online, and on location at our regional centers in New Hampshire and Maine.

SNHU has a total enrollment of over 30,000 students in more than 200 undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs.  Southern New Hampshire University has been recognized with Best of Business Awards for best online degree programs and was ranked 12th on Fast Company’s list of The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies. SNHU was the only university to earn this distinction.

#ShakeYourPower brings clean energy to places in the world without electricity through the power of music


Sudha Kheterpal, best know as the percussionist from South London band Faithless, is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise £50,000 for #ShakeYourPower project.

In places like Kenya, where 75% of the population live without access to electricity, having the ability to read at night or charge up a mobile phone gives people the chance of a better education and also access to services like the revolutionary mobile phone banking system, M-PESA.

#ShakeYourPower, is about bringing clean energy to places in the world without electricity, through the medium of music. For the last year, Sudha has been developing a musical instrument, a prototype percussion shaker called

SPARK, which converts the energy from shaking it, into electricity. Users can then plug in a light or charge up a mobile telephone. To watch a video of what it’s all about click http://vimeo.com/95289518#t=0s

Working as a professional percussionist for over 20 years, Sudha has often wondered whether the huge amounts of energy created from performing on some of the world’s largest stages, could be harnessed and used.

After some initial research and discovering the advancements in the kinetic energy harvesting space and other energy harnessing techniques, she began the process of researching and developing SPARK with a product designer from the RCA.

Sudha has developed and created a small prototype percussion shaker called, SPARK, which if shaken for 12 minutes will generate an hours worth of light.

You can support the project on their Kickstarter page at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/726552172/shakeyourpower before 10th July 2014.

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Why Software Subscriptions Make Perfect Sense


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Do you remember the days of buying software for your computer on CD and DVD format? I bet some of you are even old enough to remember when software came on 3.5-inch floppy disks!

I’m probably showing my age here, but I remember when the MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 operating systems came on many 3.5-inch floppy disks, and the endless amount of time spent waiting for up to 1.44Mb of data to be transferred from the disk to the computer’s hard drive.

Nowadays, you can buy USB flash drives that are smaller than an AA battery and hold more than 10,000 times the space of an old floppy disk!

Given that we live in such a switched-on technological world, where broadband speeds are increasing all the time, we spend a large amount of our time using our PCs to surf the World Wide Web.

Software manufacturers of all people know this fact, which is why they are gradually shifting towards subscription-based software that you download, rather than the traditional business model of paying a large sum of money for only one particular version of the software.

But does the new subscription model make sense, or is it just a way of software companies to rip people off? If you think about it, paying for a software subscription is a much better way of obtaining software. Here are some reasons why.

You don’t need an optical drive

The only times I ever use the DVD drive in my computer are to install software. I listen to music streamed over the Internet, and even the games I buy are downloadable.

In fact, Apple is a computer manufacturer that have realised this fact a long time ago, and no longer offer DVD drives as standard on any desktop or laptop computers they manufacture.

The only thing you need is a good Internet connection, and with broadband and fibre speeds increasing each year, software downloads only take a few minutes, not an entire day.

You benefit from using the latest software

One of the main bugbears people have about buying software is that when new versions are released, they have to pay substantial amounts of money to upgrade.

They will therefore try to use the “old” versions as long as possible, subjecting them to numerous security vulnerabilities and bugs that won’t be fixed.

It works out cheaper to subscribe

One notorious software package that used to cost an absolute fortune to buy is Adobe’s Creative Suite.

For example, the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web package costs a mouthwatering £799 to buy as a standalone package from Coastal Software.

But if you buy the subscription-based “Creative Cloud” version, you pay just £46.88 a month for the complete suite of tools, or £562.56 a year. The price difference might only be £236, but you still save money as well as benefiting from free upgrades!

Even Internet security software such as Norton 360 is cheaper to buy online than it is off the shelf as it were.

Do You Want A Million Website Hits Every Single Day? Here Are Some Tips You Need To Read


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Everyone wants to achieve the highest level of traffic possible for their website, but few ever manage to get over one million hits per day. If you successfully completed this goal, a whole world of new opportunities would become open to you. You could easily make thousands each year from advertising, and if you sell products or services, your customer base will expand considerably. With that in mind, I’m going to take a few minutes this afternoon to offer you some lucrative advice. While you need to tailor these tips to suit the nature of your website, the information contained below could make a significant difference to your results.

I’ve been helping people to get higher levels of traffic for the last five years, and although the techniques can be a little hit and miss, every so often I’ve been incredibly successful. Indeed, one of my most satisfied clients now gets close to five hundred million unique visits every single year from people all over the planet. So, if you feel my advice might be of some use, read on…

Think about search engine optimisation

SEO can play an important role in increasing visibility and can help to drive people to your website. So, you need to think long and hard about what changes you could make to improve ranking. There are lots of guides to be found online, and many books you can buy on the subject. However, so long as you have some money to spend, it’s probably best to leave this task to the experts. Companies like High Impact offer the best SEO services in Bournemouth, so you just need to find a similar firm in your area.

Think about the content you publish

In the content writing industry, there’s a term we like to use called “click-sexy.” It describes the way in which you use basic human psychology techniques to encourage web users to click on article links. Again, there’s lots of information about this online, but you only need to use some common sense. Remember to keep all your content and blog posts relevant and interesting to achieve the best results.

Think about who you choose to network with

Networking with other high-traffic site owners is a good idea. If you can convince them to publish a few backlinks to your site occasionally, it could help to drive an incredible quantity of traffic in your direction. The best way of doing this is to email them directly, but if that’s not possible, linking to their website should get you noticed. The site owner will see this when looking at their analytics, and could well spend some time viewing your website.

So, there you have it guys. If you follow those basic tips, achieving a higher level of traffic should be much simpler. Of course, there are many other things you could try, but none have been as successful for me as the ones listed above.

I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you’ll get to where you want to be very soon!

How You Can Theft Proof the Important Data on Your Laptop



In the near future, you could become a victim of Laptop theft. Something you might work hard to prevent, one of the most devastating things about losing your laptop, is losing the data that was on it. Thankfully, there are a couple of steps that you can take, to protect the important data on your laptop, even if someone does decide to steal your laptop from you.

Backup Data to the Cloud

The ‘cloud’ refers to the internet, and is a term used by people who store their data in remote locations. There are several companies in existence today, that offer cloud storage solutions, allowing for you to backup your data to an independent location that you can access anywhere in the world. Cloud storage is an attractive offer, because even if you’re the victim of a stolen laptop, you will be able to access your data, and make use of it, anywhere in the world. The only thing you need is an internet connection.

When picking a cloud storage solution, you’ll want to keep an eye out for a few things. If you have a lot of data, for instance, you’ll need to find a solution that provides you with a lot of space. You might also want to look at a solution that automatically syncs data on your hard disk, to the cloud storage location.

Buy Software Suites Online

Whenever you decide to buy your next piece of software, you might choose to buy it online, as opposed to the more traditional methods. Buying your software this way, will allow for you easily to recover, even if someone stole your laptop and the CD’s to go with it. You’ll find that companies such as Software King, are able to provide you with software download solutions, which make downloading software easier than you could have ever imagined.

Invest in Encryption & Remote Deletion

If the data on a laptop is highly sensitive, you might benefit from encrypting the data. If you want to encrypt any data, you can do so with some specialist software that does not cost that much, and is easy to use. In addition to this, you might also be interested in installing something, that allows for you to delete your data remotely, as soon as you realise your laptop has gone missing. Remote deletion software will often kick into action, as soon as the laptop has gone online, making it easy for you to erase anything you don’t want seen by others.

Ready for Anything?

By choosing to take action on some of the suggestions mentioned, you’ll find that you’re ready for a laptop theft, should it ever happen. Acting on the cloud storage solutions on offer should allow for you to access your data wherever you are. Data encryption should also protect any data you didn’t manage to save, or recover using cloud storage. Once you’ve reviewed all of the measures you can take action on, you might just feel as though you’re ready for anything!

How Much Do We Rely On Technology?


If you lose your phone, or your home internet goes down, how long does it take before panic sets in?

What you’ve lost is a vital form of connection to the world – social interaction, information and entertainment at your fingertips, all temporarily disappeared. With the wealth of devices available for web browsing now, from tablets to smartphones, TVs to glasses, many of us have become reliant on technology.

It’s not a new thing – spell-checkers and calculators have long been accused of “dumbing-down” users, but in recent years it’s accelerated. Our cars are filled with technology to the point where some problems cannot be fixed except with an expensive trip to a specialist; social media has seen vast slumps in the numbers of letters sent, and we depend on it to stay in touch with friends around the world; search engines bring up whatever information we’re looking for at the touch of a button – handy, yes, but does it weaken our analytical or critical abilities, or reduce our attention spans?

~In business~

Many businesses have come to depend on technology for growth. Indeed in some sectors, such as finance, technology has begun to supersede the importance of humans, in analysing information and making time-sensitive decisions.

It may be of particular importance to small businesses, which need to maximise the return on small budgets. By developing e-commerce sites that are responsive on mobile devices they can sell to a far wider market 24/7; by effectively utilising social media and email they can develop their brand and dramatically cut the cost of traditional forms of marketing; and by using the Cloud for internet services they are able to reduce capital spend and ensure their web applications are the latest spec, enabling them to remain competitive.

~Can the Cloud help?~

That last point is worth considering further. When we place too much unthinking reliance on technology it becomes a major source of risk. If a business was to suffer a fire at its premises and the servers holding their customer database were damaged, it could cause irreparable harm. Or if their website was hacked, how much impact would that have on their ability to turn a profit?

Could Cloud technology be the answer to this?

Storing data in the Cloud adds an extra level of security vital for sensitive or valuable information, plus it can be sent and retrieved immediately. Safety concerns can be almost nullified.

Similarly for web hosting – if a business has its site hosted by an established Cloud provider then it can be confident that should there be any issues, there is a team of specialists on hand to get the site up-and-running again quickly.

Obviously the point can be made that a business may then become too reliant on its Cloud provider, but when using a company which has experience and a strong track-record, and which has the IT resources that many small-medium businesses can only dream of, spreading the risk like this could be a sensible option.

Arguably yes, both people and business have become too reliant on technology to some extent. But when it is becoming so resilient, and has the ability to utterly transform the ways we live and work, can you blame us?