How a Mutual Society can Work for You

Mutual societies have become more popular than ever before, and this is a phrase that you may have heard and are unsure what it means. The concept behind these societies is not difficult, and once you understand the fundamentals, you will realise they are beneficial. All financial matters are considered complex, however, these are set up to be straightforward.

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How Social Media Can Help Market Research

There is no doubt that social networking has infiltrated our lives, I can virtually guarantee that every one of you reading this right now actively uses a Facebook or Twitter account. It could be argued that social networking sites are perhaps harming our ability to communicate, but I would say they are opening up new channels and broadening our reach.

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4 Crucial Ways to Safeguard Your Smartphone

Smartphone theft is on the rise all over the UK. Our usage is now so prevalent and constant that we’re rarely without our trusty gadgets, whether we’re on the tube, at the pub and even eating out. This makes our costly technology the perfect prey for pickpockets, muggers and thieves; smartphones are small, seemingly everywhere and we tend to take them for granted – until that moment when we pop our hand in our pocket and find only air…

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