The 7 Best Sleep Apps for Insomniacs

Having trouble falling asleep? You’re not the only one. In the U.S., around 30 to 35 percent of adults experience insomnia at least once in their lives. Although the condition is usually treatable with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and sleeping pills, it won’t hurt to try alternative treatments — like these mobile apps.

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The Evolving State of Email Marketing

Email marketing has never been as prevalent as what it is right now. You need to make sure that you are utilising this decidedly easy way of reaching out to you clientele. When it comes to email marketing, you need to be in the know. There are some positive things that you can do within your venture to ensure that you are evolving with email marketing.

Email marketing is now a vital tool. You need to use it to your full advantage. Of course, you don’t want to be spammy in your approach. But, you need to hone your craft and ensure that you are not hitting the anti-spam filters of people’s inboxes. This can have a detrimental impact on your business and your marketing efforts.

Now, it’s time to consider how you will evolve with email marketing. What is your plan? How will you adapt to these changes?

Let’s find out more.

Build Them and They Will Come

Building an email marketing list is no easy feat. When used in conjunction with your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages, you can ensure that you are not hitting the spam box. Giving people the chance to opt in is imperative. That way, you are targeting the right people who actually want to hear about your goods, services and promotions. Of course, obtaining their permission is vital before you embark on this kind of campaign. The ability to unsubscribe is necessary too. You need to make sure that you are giving the customer what they want. This will only serve to enhance your company’s image.

15444273446_1d75a19c7e_zMaria Elena

Being Au Fait with the Law

Yes, there are laws surrounding email marketing. Before you embark on a campaign, make sure that you are in the know.  Do be aware that you cannot spam customers left, right and centre. Anti spam software will detect unsolicited emails that you send. You need to make sure that you are only contacting those who have opted in to your services. If send unsolicited emails without the customer opting in, you are breaking the law. It’s that simple.

Moving With the Times: Creating the Perfect Email

Spending hours poring over an email may seem pointless. But, having a succinct email that grabs your consumer’s attention is vital. In the age of instant gratification, bombarding your customers with masses of text is not necessary. The evolution of email marketing has seen fit to make emails snappier and more succinct. Now, you need to ensure that you are sending only one marketing email per month. Any more than that and it could be considered as overload. Keep your customers interested. Gone are the days of excessive information and constantly sending out emails. Now, the key is to keep it timely and seasonal. Such is the way of the evolution of email marketing.

email symbol on row of colourful envelopesRahul Rodriguez

Metrics and Emails

Now, the use of metrics is ever more prevalent in the world of email marketing. You need to ensure that you are using metrics, to keep up with the pace of email. Make sure that you are using metrics to measure your success rate. The evolution of email marketing depends on it.

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Top 8 Tech Solutions Every Company Needs

Gadgets and tech are continually saving us time and making our everyday lives more efficient and easier. They entertain us, keep us safe and help us to reach our destinations in good time. The same is true for the world of business too. Whether you are an international company or a start-up, the market is full of tech solutions designed to make your life easier and your business more efficient. Here we look at the top eight tools every company needs to invest in.

 860181962_7aa9182419_zImage Source: Pablo Ruiz Muzquiz

  • Tablet

 Obviously which one you choose will be heavily influenced by whether or not you are a PC or a Mac user, and what’s the norm in your industry. Tablets are great for meetings with clients and staff; they are easy to carry around and help you to get your point across efficiently. They are also great for video conferencing and make working remotely a breeze.

  • Phone

 Whether you run a company with four people or forty, make sure all company issued phones integrate seamlessly with your operating system. Mobile contracts with unlimited data plans allow staff to hotspot their work phone when they are outside of a WiFi zone so they are never out of contact. Your office phone system needs to be integrated and easy to use as well. Mitel 5000 London can supply a variety of office phone systems designed to work across multiple locations and link thousands of staff.

  • Conference Camera

 Skype and Lync have opened up the business world to video conference calling. Unlike the traditional webcam, a conference camera makes sure everyone in the room is on the screen at once.

  • Multi-Device Keyboard

 Increase staff efficiency with this clever device. A full-sized keyboard that connects to up to three devices, it allows you to type on your computer and cut across to answering emails on your tablet with just the flick of a switch.

  • A Cloud

 Make sure your company’s documents are backed up and securely stored with a cloud device.

  • Google Analytics

These days, it’s all about number crunching. Google analytics tracks the amount of traffic your website generates, where it lands from and which countries it is viewed in. It shows percentage differences and even plots graphs so you can visually quantify your website’s performance.

  • Apps

Apps for business are many and varied. It pays to know which ones to get and which ones not to bother with, especially since you can waste hours sorting the good eggs from the bad. The good ones allow you to sync calendars across the office, invoice customers and communicate with both clients and staff.

  • Printers

Gone are the days when the ability to print, fax and copy was the height of sophistication. It’s a brave new world, and printers are now producing everything from 3-D models to high resolutions photographs. Make sure you invest in the best printer for your business. Consider running costs and warranties as well as functions and do your research, the expensive ones are not always the best.

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On-Site Security For Your Business Needs

There’s no doubt that security is of paramount importance to all business owners. Indeed, if you are a business owner then it’s likely you already take numerous measures to ensure the safety of yourself, your employees and your assets. If your business is located on large premises, such as a factory or depot, investing in multiple physical security measures is always recommended.

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Is Your Content Boring? An Awesome Guide To Writing Incredible Blog Posts

Are your blog posts boring? Think about it. Would you want to read your blog? If the answer is no, you need to figure out why. There are thousands upon thousands of bloggers out there. They saturate the internet and make it almost impossible to do something new. If you can think of a subject, you can be sure that you’ll find a blog out there covering it. Diversity is your friend, though, and don’t you forget it. Without a little healthy competition, you would get lazy. Making your blog stand out from the crowd means making it different and interesting to your readers. Here is an awesome guide to writing blogs. Continue reading “Is Your Content Boring? An Awesome Guide To Writing Incredible Blog Posts” »

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