How Do I Market My Business With a Limited Budget

If you own a car wash or other business and lack a significant marketing budget, it’s possible to make a meaningful impact with limited funds. There are some businesses  like Siracha and Chipotle that rarely advertise, but still pull in millions of dollars each year. It’s all about how you use the funds that you have, how you treat your customers and whether you offer a high quality service.

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How Technology is Used to Improve Businesses Today

Business owners are always looking for new ways to improve the reputation, procedures and profits of their company. And nowadays, an integral factor in all of those aspects is modern technology. A business stuck in the past will quickly be overtaken by a more technologically savvy competitor. So, here’s how technology is being used to improve businesses right now.


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Improving Customer Services

Every company with customers needs a strong customer services department. And it’s not as easy to set up and operate one as you might initially think. A lot of work has to go into making it move swiftly and easily. On top of that, you need to make sure the customer comes out the other end happier than they went in.

Therefore, the introduction of the latest technology has made the process a lot easier. Data management systems and analytics both make dealing with customers easier. But the most interesting use of technology in customer services comes in the form of social media. Some companies now offer customers the chance to register their complaints via Twitter.

Improving Safety

Jobs that were once incredibly dangerous are now made a lot safer by modern technological advances. There are many examples that can demonstrate this. For instance, health care and operations are now safer than ever. And the construction industry has been made safer by new equipment and procedures.

One job that has always been considered very dangerous is mining. This is because anything that could involve falling rock or dangerous gas can be fatal. Nowadays, people working in such jobs will carry a small gas detector so that any problems will be picked up quickly. Modern mining equipment also makes mines structurally safer than ever before.

Minimising Waste

For businesses that use materials in bulk, it always used to be easy to order too much and lose track of what you’re using and where it’s all going. Now, however, companies can use software and mobile apps to track and monitor stock levels, so nothing is wasted. And that can save a lot of money.

It’s also possible for offices to entirely do away with paper products. If the office is kitted out with a fleet of tablet devices, all documents can be viewed and distributed that way, rather than printing off endless sheets of paper. This, again, saves a lot of time and money in the long-term.

Improving Office Speed

One of the most time-consuming things in an office is communications, both internal and external. A lot of employers are now finding new ways to cut down on the time it takes their employees to communicate in the office though.

Internal phone networks can be a nightmare to operate, they take time and effort to get even the shortest message across the office. So now, more companies are using instant messaging services so that employees can send messages quickly and easily. Internal email services are also much quicker than using phones.

Technology is improving business procedures in many different ways. And technology is always advancing, so who knows what tomorrow will bring?


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A Layman’s Guide To Microsoft SharePoint

According to software giant Microsoft, 78% of today’s Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint. You may have heard that name before. But what exactly is SharePoint? Is it some business software that you don’t know about? To be honest, I didn’t know much about SharePoint myself.

So, the other day I decided to do some research on the topic. It turns out that quite a few people aren’t fully aware of what SharePoint is either. Today I have decided to share my research into SharePoint with you so that you too can understand a bit more about it. You might even decide it’s something your business or organization needs to use as well!


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What is Microsoft SharePoint?

OK, so the main question on many people’s lips is “what is Microsoft SharePoint.” In a nutshell, SharePoint isn’t a piece of software per se. Rather, it’s a platform that the Redmond software firm developed.

It’s not something you would install on your PC. Instead, SharePoint is a back-end platform that gets installed on your servers. Once they are SharePoint-enabled, you can then “stack” SharePoint-compatible applications on top of it.

One analogy to compare it with is a web server. You have the web server software, such as Apache HTTP Server. On top of that platform, you have PHP and MySQL for scripting and databases respectively. Both of those solutions get installed on and use Apache’s resources.

The purpose of the platform is to offer a scalable and usable solution for employees, regardless of their location. Because of that fact, you will often firms advertising hosted SharePoint packages. Of course, one can also host SharePoint on their internal servers as well.

There are four ways that you can utilize Microsoft SharePoint for your business. They are as follows:

  1. Document Sharing

In the past, employees would often save documents to their desktops. That meant colleagues or managers had no way of accessing them without logging into their computers. And if their systems suffered a hard drive failure, it’s goodbye Vienna.

One of the brilliant ways SharePoint works is to allow a central document storage system for users. Your documents can get accessed by all employees. Or even by a select group of individuals. The latter will, of course, depend on what group policy your SharePoint administrator used for you.

  1. Intranet

In case you didn’t know, an “intranet” is a website that only people working for an organization can access. Companies set up intranets to share information like corporate news, job vacancies and so forth.

  1. Project Collaboration

Got a team of people working on a client’s project? You can use SharePoint to share resources with one another. And the good news is you can access your project space from any device, such as a smartphone.

  1. Website

Yes, you can even set up a fully-functional website using the Microsoft SharePoint platform too! The process is the same as for setting up an Intranet. Except that it can get accessed by the general public.


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