Help Your Computer Live Forever (Almost) With This Easy Tricks

We’ve all been there. That moment when your computer freezes, and it feels like your world is about to implode. You’re half way through a project, and you haven’t saved it. Or, worse, you haven’t backed up your computer at all! Laptop and PC problems can happen without warning. The only way to prevent them is by maintaining good system health at all times. In this post, we’ll show you how.


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Don’t eat or drink near the computer

You’d think we wouldn’t even have to mention this point, but you’d be surprised how much damage this causes. Naturally, water damage is very harmful to your computer. Spilling drinks over the keyboard, especially sugary drinks, can destroy the system. It will leak into the motherboard and cause irreversible problems. The same is true for small grains of food. Over time, they build up and cause damage.

Update your software

You know that annoying little thing that pops up in the top right-hand corner now and then? That’s your system reminding you to make the necessary upgrades. They’re there for a reason, and it’s crucial that you upgrade them quickly. These updates are designed to speed up the software, and clean up any problems. It will keep your computer healthy and help keep data safe.

Keep the power cables tidy and neat

If you’ve ever had to replace a power cable, you know how expensive they can be. They can break without warning, leaving you stranded with nothing but battery power. The cables are built to last for a good few years, but they will eventually break. Extend their life by keeping them neat and tidy. Try to avoid rolling over them with your chair too.

Clear out system clutter

Your laptop or computer only has so much memory and operating power. After regular use, this memory and processing is eaten up with data and storage. Every few weeks, it’s worth purging your system of unnecessary clutter and junk. Clear your internet caches, temporary files and your recycle bin. Delete any files you no longer need, or transfer them to a hard drive.

Turn it off and put it to sleep when not in use

Many computer users have a bad habit of leaving their laptops on overnight. It’s easily done and we’re all guilty of it. The truth is your computers need sleep, just like humans! Their operating systems need the chance to switch off and unwind. While switched on, they monitor and store temporary files all the time. Switching off will wipe that temporary memory clean and start afresh. It will stay fast and efficient.

Make repairs immediately

We all put off repairs longer than we should. But, when it comes to computers, the faster you repair, the better. Expert PC repair is easy to find, and often cheaper than you think. Computer problems have a habit of causing knock-on effects. Don’t let things get worse, just get it fixed!

Unfortunately, our electronics won’t last forever. But, with a little extra care and attention, you can certainly squeeze an extra few years out of them.


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The Brand Ambassadors Making Your Marketing

Happy employees create a happy business, it’s one of the most basic principles that some of the biggest brands in the world pride themselves on. You can’t avoid the likes of Facebook and Apple employees boasting about their work benefits. But it’s not just bragging rights that they’re spreading across social media, it’s also the brand ethos.

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Essential Cloud Services Your Business Should Start With

Everyone is going on about cloud services for business these days. They can save you time and money and make running your business easier. But should you immediately dive right in and change your entire business so it’s all cloud-based? Which services do you really need, and which ones can you do without, for now at least? You might already use at least one cloud service, but if you want to take advantage of the cloud more, you’ll have to start slowly and work up. Start moving your business onto the cloud by using these essential services first and slowly working your way up.

Storage and Backup

One of the first things you might consider using the cloud for is as your primary or extra form of storage and backup. Storing and backing up your essential data on the cloud can be cheaper and more reliable than having your own servers. Cloud storage is easily scalable, so you don’t have to pay for storage you don’t need or have problems when you start running out of space. You’re less likely to experience downtime from your cloud service provider. And if anything goes wrong, you can leave it to them to fix. You can still store sensitive information entirely securely too.


Handling your accounts and financing can be incredibly time confusing. It can get confusing for a small business owner. If you use a cloud-based accounting system that uses a platform like Xero Accounts, you can simplify all your processes, from sales to bills and invoices. Using the cloud for this purpose can make managing your finances much simpler, saving you time as well as money. They can make it easier to administer your payroll. And most are easy to use without needing to know any accounting and business language.


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Collaboration and Productivity

One of the best things about the cloud is how easy it makes it for you and your employees to work together. If you use office software on the cloud, not only are your files stored there but everyone can access them too. You can share files with colleagues and work on them collaboratively. You don’t have the hassle of emailing back and forth, saving several versions of the same file or printing things out. You can use a number of things ranging from Google Drive to Microsoft Office.

Customer Relationship Management

You might already use a customer relationship management (CRM) program, but using one on the cloud could make managing it easier for you. Services like Nimble help you to keep track of all your contacts so you can keep track of them more easily. This makes it simpler to stay on top of client interactions. It’s one of the most simple pieces of software to have on the cloud and it makes perfect sense when you have contacts spread across social networks and other online platforms.

You don’t need to start putting your entire business on the cloud, but you could see some tremendous benefits if you begin using a few services. Start with these and you could keep adding to them soon.


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How to Find the Right Website Theme for Your Restaurant Business

Image by ebayink via Flickr

Finding the right WordPress theme for your restaurant is not as easy as picking one that looks pretty. As a business owner in the food and hospitality industry, you know that a quality dish is more than presentation; ingredients, best practices (food safety), process, experience, and providing a customer what they would like at the right time mean everything.

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Fundamental Necessities You Need When Running a Business

Running a business is something that’s going to require a lot of time, effort and sacrifice. Many people go into business for themselves for the wrong reasons. A lot of budding entrepreneurs just like the idea of not having to answer to a boss. But many of them don’t take into account just how difficult it is to run a business. If you’ve never done it before it can be even more difficult, and it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin.

You need to identify the basic essential elements needed to run a business. But, if you’ve never been in this position before it’s a little overwhelming. You’ll most likely need to do research, or consult other business owners for advice. But don’t worry too much about it because this will only make things worse. Here’s a quick guide to the fundamental business necessities you’ll need. These are a great place to start and will set you off in the right direction.

Startup Capital

To begin with you’re going to need to have capital. When you start your own business, you’ll need to be funding everything yourself. And this is one of the biggest worries for new business owners. If you’re starting out with a small business, it can be a shock to find you have to pay for everything. One of the ways to combat this problem is to get yourself a business loan. But this will require an airtight business proposal. And you’ll need to show you can pay the loan back eventually.


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Marketing Strategy

Perhaps the most important factor in business success is the marketing and advertising. These days that is what gets people through the door. You could have the best business idea in the word. But if you don’t market yourself how is anybody going to know about you? You need to set up an excellent website and perhaps even start a blog. The business is going to require a significant online presence. And this will mean taking advantage of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. You should hire a digital marketing team to put strategies in place for the business.

IT and Electrical Components

Of course, no business would last very long without the use of IT. These days it seems like everything’s digital. And in business you’re going to need to make thorough use of IT if you want any sort of success. But you need to take measures you make sure you have the right systems. And then you’ll need to get in touch with data cabling installers to make sure it all gets installed correctly. This is a pivotal part of your business, so you need to dedicate time and resources to it. You won’t have any success without an IT network and all the electrical components that come with it.

So, now you’re aware of just a few of the most crucial elements your business will need. Of course, these are just a tiny amount. There are many more things as well. It’s much more of a complicated process than you first think. And it’s easy to overlook some of the most important facets of the business.

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Don’t be alone: Angry Birds Go! brings fans together with new party mode feature

Currently available as one-on-one, local multiplier feature will evolve to allow group play.

Rovio have announced the downhill racing game now features a party mode where two players can play against each other on different devices connected through WiFi. For the first time in an Angry Birds title, fans can get competitive and play one-on-one with friends on different devices, in the same game, at the same time and in the same location.

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