Common Mistakes When Making a Video – And How to Avoid Them

Need a video?  Then why not make your own, right?  How hard can it be?

30 years ago, the ability for people like you and me to make movies was handed to us in the shape of very bulky, very expensive video cameras.  These would typically have to be carted around on the shoulder while the user peered through an eyepiece.  Continue reading “Common Mistakes When Making a Video – And How to Avoid Them” »

The history of diamond cutting technology

Development in technology affects every area of our lives – even if we don’t realize it. One aspect we take for granted is the production and creation of diamonds in the jewelry we wear. Most of us don’t think about how the gemstone is transformed from a rough stone to a multi-faceted beauty and even fewer of us consider the changes in technology over the years to achieve the scientific perfection of the sparkle and illumination of diamonds in rings, watches and pendants. Continue reading “The history of diamond cutting technology” »

The Perfect Functional Specifications of the Privacy Guard

This is the perfect Android Application and it is being rightly designed for the perfect protection of the applications. It can protect your contents and SMSs and this way you can save your device from the notice of the others. It may be so that you are staying in the same room with someone that you don’t know. Thus, you don’t want the person to know the details of your device. This is when you are in need of the android guard so that the person is not able to see your private messages in case you leave your phone within the room. Continue reading “The Perfect Functional Specifications of the Privacy Guard” »