The effect streaming services are having on our culture

It’s difficult to imagine a time when Internet streaming services such as Amazon Prime Instant Video, ShowTime, and Netflix didn’t exist; how the hell did we keep up with the latest television shows, celebrity gossip, and silver screen moments when we had a limited amount of channels to watch? Entering this age of streaming is a little like waking up as a child on Christmas morning; everything is laid out for us, and we have to decide whether we want to tear it all open now or pace ourselves throughout the day. Streaming services are empowering our viewing, giving us that option to binge or not to binge, and aiding and abetting our spare time. Media consumption will never be the same again, but is that a bad thing? Continue reading “The effect streaming services are having on our culture” »

5 Ways Mobile Devices and Computers Support Social Behavior

The Internet, mobile devices, and social media all catch a lot of static when certain types of people say that technology, as opposed to bringing people together, is actually making them drift further apart. Whereas that may be the case statistically or with consideration to certain situations, the opposite can be true as well – technology and mobile technology in particular can bring people together.

Continue reading “5 Ways Mobile Devices and Computers Support Social Behavior” »

Deadpool – Anticiaption of the Anti Hero

With anticipation extremely high, we have finally seen the launch of the Fox movies Deadpool film. With the juggernaut promotion applied by Fox for this film, it’s no surprise that cult favourite character Deadpool has risen in both awareness and popularity. But what are his origins? What are the origins of the other characters in the film, and how does it all tie in to the X-Men movie universe? Continue reading “Deadpool – Anticiaption of the Anti Hero” »

5 Uncommon Ways To Promote Your Business

Sometimes trying unorthodox methods does lead to success, however that is very rare. How successful your promotion campaign goes depends upon the way it is planned. The ways you decide to promote your business should be well thought and well reviewed. There are thousands of easy ways in which a promotion campaign turns out successful but still, some people choose pretty unusual ways.  Continue reading “5 Uncommon Ways To Promote Your Business” »