Rethink Robotics at the Forefront of Changing Job Dynamics

We perhaps knew it was coming when the first computers came around (some more than others) that there’ll eventually come a time when a robot falls nothing short of being able to do the exact labour-related job a human can do, and perhaps even complete that job more efficiently. Visit any factory in the world which historically made extensive use of some of the more primitive robotic elements that were quite costly to have set up, operated, maintained and upgraded, and you’ll witness quite a remarkable transformation. The robotics industry has evolved quite rapidly, with those previously expensive and exclusive factory and industrial environment robots requiring use alongside trained and skilled professionals, specialising in robotics-specific fields such as: Continue reading “Rethink Robotics at the Forefront of Changing Job Dynamics” »

Smart Tools for Modern Workforce Administrators

Technology is a double-edged sword for workforce administrators. Innovations and constant change mean that job titles, tasks, and training are in a continual state of flux, which causes many headaches for administrators. The upside is that new technology brings smarter tools for workforce management. Workforce managers need to stay on top of the changes in their companies and industries via new technology. They also need to compile data to maximize resources and at the same time take an active interest in key employees as individuals to know how to motivate them and reduce turnover. Administrators are responsible for replacing retiring members of the workforce with fresh faces, retaining valuable members of staff, and balancing scarce resources against company goals. Continue reading “Smart Tools for Modern Workforce Administrators” »

Best Ways to Appeal to Investors

Even if your company is doing very well in the market, there will come a time when you need investors to pitch in and help. Only very rarely can a company fund an expansion or the launch of a new product with its own revenue. Also, aspiring entrepreneurs need to appeal to investors to get a new product the green light. Bank loans can only do so much for an ambitious company. So, here are several tips on how to make your business venture more appealing to potential investors: Continue reading “Best Ways to Appeal to Investors” »

Do You Have The Skills To Consult: 4 Tips From The Experts

In this era of startups and small businesses, consulting is a growing field, but not everyone has the necessary skills for the job. You can only consult on what you know with a high level of expertise. But how do you know if you have what it takes? Before diving into consulting looking for your next big break, here’s what the experts have to say – with these insights you’ll know what it takes to consult successfully. Continue reading “Do You Have The Skills To Consult: 4 Tips From The Experts” »