Has the Development of 3-D Printing Tech Hit a Plateau?

Think back just a mere two or three years and the hot topic of the tech world was 3-D printing. There were pieces on all the possibilities 3-D printing opens up to creative people who’ve previously had to deal with manufacturing costs as a barrier to the progress of their exploration of the production process and there were all sorts of predictions, forecasts and general all-round excitement. As with all other forms of new technology which takes centre stage however, the natural life cycle of 3-D printing technology, preceded by its evolution has seen the costs associated with its acquisition decrease considerably. A 3-D printer costs way less these days than it might have about two to three years ago, but all the hype around 3-D printing seems to have died a spectacularly quiet death. This breeds the question of whether or not the development of 3-D printing tech has indeed hit a plateau. It definitely seems that way. Continue reading “Has the Development of 3-D Printing Tech Hit a Plateau?” »

Sounding the Part, Avoiding Annoying Workplace Jargon

There are certain industries in which sounding like you know exactly what you’re talking about is ironically a clear indication that you don’t in fact know what you’re talking about. The best example of such an industry is the world of programming, particularly with regards to programming done as part of a start-up. Venture capitalists who listen to many pitches from start-up entrepreneurs seeking funding are especially aware of this view and swear by it. The only part of the pitch during which you must sound like you know exactly what you’re talking about is when you’re discussing the idea itself – what problem you have identified to solve and how your proposed solution is going to solve that problem. You’re effectively right in the middle of the “search-phase,” so you’re not expected to be too clued up about exactly how you’re going to build the solution. Continue reading “Sounding the Part, Avoiding Annoying Workplace Jargon” »

Are You Overlooking The Power Of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn holds a paradoxical position for many professionals – we know we should use it, but so many of us have accounts that mostly sit stagnant, benefiting no one. In part, this is because LinkedIn is a tool that we don’t understand as well as we should. We set it up just like all of the other vital social media accounts we have, but then what? Continue reading “Are You Overlooking The Power Of LinkedIn?” »

Tools for the Office Warrior – Room Scheduling Knowhow

When it comes to getting ahead in the world of business, the ability to run a great meeting is becoming more and more important. Today’s typical business is a far flung empire of branch offices, often with many of the key workers at offsite locations. We work in collaboration on cloud software that allows teams to develop along skill sets instead of geography. We take on larger territories with global implications, but still know that the devil is always in the details on the ground. The best way to manage all of this is meetings that stay on top of changes. But how to do it with different time zones, deadlines and needs? That is where knowing all about room scheduling tools can make the difference. Continue reading “Tools for the Office Warrior – Room Scheduling Knowhow” »

Fast Technology, Faster Sales: 3 Workplace Tools To Boost Profits

As Software as a Service (SaaS) takes over the business tech world today, we’re presented with more options for managing workplace productivity, from project management software to sales enablement tools. But with so many options on the market, it can be challenging to know what types of technology will be most beneficial for our particular business needs. Continue reading “Fast Technology, Faster Sales: 3 Workplace Tools To Boost Profits” »