Using Technology to Save Lives on the Road

Each and every day that you get on the highways and local roads across America, do you feel 100 percent safe? If the answer is no, you’re more than likely not alone.

Despite advancements in automotive technology, accidents still happen daily on the roadways. As a result, lives are oftentimes lost, leaving those left behind with lots of questions and many times too few answers. Continue reading “Using Technology to Save Lives on the Road” »

Technical Debt And Its Management

Let’s assume, a team didn’t include the apt code annotation and testing automation in the assigned deadline. One developer began a module, but another should keep it all through the program. In fact, the primary developers need to maintain the code for several months and often they may forget how and why few things were added. Testing will be done manually and will be more expensive, or you may have to do partial testing. And, amidst all this, the present clientele is using the software. It will have three major consequences: Continue reading “Technical Debt And Its Management” »

Reasons To Consider Technical Debt As Real Debt

There are several reasons why you should consider tech debt as a real debt. It is true that the existence and importance of tech debt are not felt by anyone outside the engineering team and cannot see the effect it can have on the ROI. The gains through such codes do not fit in perfectly, and therefore it may be time to consider it seriously and address it at the earliest. Paying off tech debt is not an easy or the desired task by the engineers. It is basically because tech debt is an abstract concept, cannot be measured with proper metrics, and in most cases, the stakeholders do not like the idea due to their ignorance about its cause and effect. Continue reading “Reasons To Consider Technical Debt As Real Debt” »

Tech Debt Has Its Own Characteristic Features

Tech debt is something which most technical resources are unaware of and do not have a strategic plan to pay it off either. In fact, it occurs in various places and in most cases you are even unaware of its existence. Therefore, it continues to play its part, infect the entire code base and slowly and surely threatens your company’s existence. There are a lot of opportunities for such debt to occur. Some experts term tech debt as prudent and reckless while some as deliberate and inadvertent, depending on the type and place of existence. It is good to review its existence from time to time so that you know about its attributes and have strategic plans formulated to address it. Continue reading “Tech Debt Has Its Own Characteristic Features” »