How Online Giving Is Funding Niche Interests

Calling someone a geek doesn’t mean much on its own. In many ways it doesn’t do much beyond signaling that they have a niche interest that others don’t understand. But maybe the word “geek” signals something else too – being an innovator, an early adopter, a creator. As geeks, we’re at the forefront of exploring VR technology or making intricate art. But for many groundbreaking creators, funding our projects is a challenge. Continue reading “How Online Giving Is Funding Niche Interests” »

Stand Out at Trade Shows With an Awesome Display

So you’re taking your business to a trade show – but how are people going to differentiate your stand from the myriad other exhibits around? It can be all too easy for customers and clients to get lost in the sea of possibilities, and especially for newer companies, it can be difficult to separate yourself from the herd. One solution is to have a really eye-catching display to make your booth stand out and draw in the crowds. There are a few different ways you can go about achieving this; below, we lay out a few of the most useful strategies. Continue reading “Stand Out at Trade Shows With an Awesome Display” »

Tech Debt Has Its Own Characteristic Features

Tech debt is something which most technical resources are unaware of and do not have a strategic plan to pay it off either. In fact, it occurs in various places and in most cases you are even unaware of its existence. Therefore, it continues to play its part, infect the entire code base and slowly and surely threatens your company’s existence. There are a lot of opportunities for such debt to occur. Some experts term tech debt as prudent and reckless while some as deliberate and inadvertent, depending on the type and place of existence. It is good to review its existence from time to time so that you know about its attributes and have strategic plans formulated to address it. Continue reading “Tech Debt Has Its Own Characteristic Features” »