Sustainability in Future Food Production

Since the dawn of agriculture, humans have been consumed with the need to improve the efficiency of their crops. The reason for this is that the switch from a nomadic, hunter-gatherer civilization to a static, agricultural one actually decreased the amount of food available per person. With the evolution of farming practices and agricultural techniques, crop yields became ever greater and exploded with the advent of industrialization. Today, vast mega-farms crank out huge amounts of food in a production-line fashion, obsessed with squeezing out the most bang for the least buck via the use of pesticides, machinery, and GMOs. Continue reading “Sustainability in Future Food Production” »

3 Steps for Managing Disaster Recovery for Your Business

Image Credit: Pixabay

            There are obviously limits to what can be done during a natural disaster (or some other form of disaster, for that matter) when it comes to your business. See here for a discussion of the different types of management that can occur during a natural disaster, but read on for some commentary on how to manage disaster relief and recovery yourself. Surviving a disaster is the first step for anyone; after it has passed, then you can begin to work on repairing the damage done to your business. Continue reading “3 Steps for Managing Disaster Recovery for Your Business” »