4 Qualities of a Great Website Developer

In this digital day and age where buying and selling can be completed within a few clicks away on computers and mobile phones, it’s no denying that your website, besides your products and services of course, is key to whether your business is going to make it or break it. This is why hiring a highly skilled web developer is important, as it can make a great difference to the look and attractiveness of your website. However, choosing the right person can be a little bit tricky, but fret not, for the following is what you should look for in a web developer. Continue reading “4 Qualities of a Great Website Developer” »

What Are The Most Important Elements Of Modern Business Web Design?

If you are the owner of a new small business, you know you have your work cut out for you. Your first priority should naturally be to get your business noticed by as many potential customers as possible in the shortest possible amount of time. After all, what good is having a business if no one knows that it exists? In order to get your business noticed quickly and cost effectively, you’ll need to have recourse to the Internet. Your online presence is crucial to building a productive and profitable brand for your business.  Continue reading “What Are The Most Important Elements Of Modern Business Web Design?” »

Find The Right Balance Of Colour With Palettes And Schemes For Your Website


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Using unique colour palettes and schemes in your website’s design transforms it into something unique and livens up the attractiveness factor. How you adjust the colours to suit your taste is completely up to you and even certain colour schemes are ideal for a certain type of website themes. Continue reading “Find The Right Balance Of Colour With Palettes And Schemes For Your Website” »

A Layman’s Guide To Microsoft SharePoint

According to software giant Microsoft, 78% of today’s Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint. You may have heard that name before. But what exactly is SharePoint? Is it some business software that you don’t know about? To be honest, I didn’t know much about SharePoint myself.

So, the other day I decided to do some research on the topic. It turns out that quite a few people aren’t fully aware of what SharePoint is either. Today I have decided to share my research into SharePoint with you so that you too can understand a bit more about it. You might even decide it’s something your business or organization needs to use as well!


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What is Microsoft SharePoint?

OK, so the main question on many people’s lips is “what is Microsoft SharePoint.” In a nutshell, SharePoint isn’t a piece of software per se. Rather, it’s a platform that the Redmond software firm developed.

It’s not something you would install on your PC. Instead, SharePoint is a back-end platform that gets installed on your servers. Once they are SharePoint-enabled, you can then “stack” SharePoint-compatible applications on top of it.

One analogy to compare it with is a web server. You have the web server software, such as Apache HTTP Server. On top of that platform, you have PHP and MySQL for scripting and databases respectively. Both of those solutions get installed on and use Apache’s resources.

The purpose of the platform is to offer a scalable and usable solution for employees, regardless of their location. Because of that fact, you will often firms advertising hosted SharePoint packages. Of course, one can also host SharePoint on their internal servers as well.

There are four ways that you can utilize Microsoft SharePoint for your business. They are as follows:

  1. Document Sharing

In the past, employees would often save documents to their desktops. That meant colleagues or managers had no way of accessing them without logging into their computers. And if their systems suffered a hard drive failure, it’s goodbye Vienna.

One of the brilliant ways SharePoint works is to allow a central document storage system for users. Your documents can get accessed by all employees. Or even by a select group of individuals. The latter will, of course, depend on what group policy your SharePoint administrator used for you.

  1. Intranet

In case you didn’t know, an “intranet” is a website that only people working for an organization can access. Companies set up intranets to share information like corporate news, job vacancies and so forth.

  1. Project Collaboration

Got a team of people working on a client’s project? You can use SharePoint to share resources with one another. And the good news is you can access your project space from any device, such as a smartphone.

  1. Website

Yes, you can even set up a fully-functional website using the Microsoft SharePoint platform too! The process is the same as for setting up an Intranet. Except that it can get accessed by the general public.


How developers can use free apps as an income generator

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As illogical as it may seem, the highest grossing apps on the market are those that come free of charge. The simple fact is that by putting a price tag on an app, however low it may be, it is likely to deter somebody from buying. So while young and eager app developers are chomping at the bit to make a killing from their first app they could actually be pricing themselves out of a much more lucrative market and greatly inhibiting their prospects of future growth. Continue reading “How developers can use free apps as an income generator” »

Awesome Tips Every Designer Should Know

Graphic designers have to have many great qualities if they want to succeed in the field. Many people try to become a graphic designer, but never make a name for themselves. If you want to make a career, rather than a mere job, in the industry, it will take hard work. Succeeding is a subjective notion. If you fulfill all your goals, you are a success. It doesn’t matter what anybody else says or what they think. Here are some awesome tips that every designer should know.

Read new design magazines

You need to make sure that you keep up with the latest industry trends. You likely have an individual style of design, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to pay attention to other people. You need to know what industry leaders are doing so that you can compete with them. Subscribe to a design publication and see whether you can pick up some handy tips and hints. Researching your field is the best way to stay ahead of the game.

Continue reading “Awesome Tips Every Designer Should Know” »