Five Technologies that will Supercharge your next Corporate Event

With prolific advancements in digital technology, contemporary corporate events are more interactive, immersive and customised than they ever have been before. Modern technology has enhanced and improved the way both attendees and organisers experience, promote and interact at corporate events, from registration through to post event lead generation. Continue reading “Five Technologies that will Supercharge your next Corporate Event” »

Why Mobile Games Have Blown Up in Popularity

There is no denying the sheer popularity of mobile games, especially when you look at the tons of websites that offer a wide variety of choices. The proliferation of smartphones perhaps inevitably led to the mass development of these games, which have something to offer for everyone. Whether you are interested in sports, shooters, RPGs or something else entirely, chances are there are numerous mobile games you’d enjoy. This upward trend is expected to continue far into the future, and it’s easy to see why. Continue reading “Why Mobile Games Have Blown Up in Popularity” »

The Best Cars for Techies

We all know at least one––that special someone who can fix your computer when it is frozen, who you look to when purchasing new software, who always has the hottest new gadgets––techies. Somehow both left and right brained, these people have a passion for the cutting edge of style and innovation. Choosing the right car for them can be tough, but with the right help, you can find the right combination of savvy and fresh that will leave them speechless. We have compiled this list to indicate which cars are the perfect fit for them, the most discerning of buyers. Continue reading “The Best Cars for Techies” »

Why You Should Always Go with Upper-Scale Solutions

With more and more end-users becoming that much savvier when it comes to what used to be very technical tech and web solutions, the average internet user who perhaps wants to run their own blog or even their own e-commerce store for example is more than adequately clued-up about things like web hosting and all that comes with this service. If you’re interested in operating your own website or hosting a web application of any kind really, then it doesn’t take too long to gain an understanding of what things like bandwidth and disk storage space are. Continue reading “Why You Should Always Go with Upper-Scale Solutions” »

Five ways technology could save your life

It is one thing to say that technology has changed our lives – although whether it is for the better is a philosophical debate for another day. However,       the way tech is changing the healthcare and medical sector means that it is no exaggeration to say that the technical innovations of recent years could well save your life or fundamentally affect its quality. Here are five examples of how. Continue reading “Five ways technology could save your life” »