The Skills You Need to Learn When You Get a New iPhone

Image via Flickr by GONZALO BAEZA

As you set up your new iPhone, there are probably a million toys and tricks that you’re trying out. There seems to be an endless number of settings that you can choose from to customize your smartphone experience; however, many of these settings are purely cosmetic. While you’re setting up your iPhone, take note of the following features to try and make your smartphone experience even better. Continue reading “The Skills You Need to Learn When You Get a New iPhone” »

App Ideas for Newbie Developers

Inspired by all those popular stories of self-taught programmers and hackers who went on to achieve big things, you probably set aside a bit of the summer holidays to perfect your own development skills. It is indeed true that you can literally learn everything you need to know about programming online, without even having to pay a single cent if you know where to look. In addition to getting the basics, there are a lot of projects with practical walk-through examples with which to polish your skills. Continue reading “App Ideas for Newbie Developers” »

A 3M Vinyl Skin Keeps Your S7 in Mint Condition

It’s pretty safe to assume that your S7 is a big part of your life. It isn’t just your phone; it’s your everything. When you need to jot down a quick note to yourself or draft your grocery list, it’s your notebook. Its 5.1 inch Quad HD super AMOLED displays makes your S7 the perfect palm-sized entertainment system where you can stream Netflix or play games. The 12MP rear camera with dual pixel makes it your go-to accessory on holiday, and the CMOS 5MP front facing camera takes the best selfies. Continue reading “A 3M Vinyl Skin Keeps Your S7 in Mint Condition” »

The Perfect Functional Specifications of the Privacy Guard

This is the perfect Android Application and it is being rightly designed for the perfect protection of the applications. It can protect your contents and SMSs and this way you can save your device from the notice of the others. It may be so that you are staying in the same room with someone that you don’t know. Thus, you don’t want the person to know the details of your device. This is when you are in need of the android guard so that the person is not able to see your private messages in case you leave your phone within the room. Continue reading “The Perfect Functional Specifications of the Privacy Guard” »