Benefits of PHP For Mobile Web Development

In the last couple of years, the number of mobile phone users has been on a constant increase. If trends are anything to go by, the number is most likely to improve. According to a research carried out in the year 2005, there was a projection that in the next ten years or so, the number of mobile phone devices would surpass that of the people in the world. Continue reading “Benefits of PHP For Mobile Web Development” »

The Most Challenging Web Application Development Projects

If you’ve gone through a computer science lesson on any level, whether the subject was one of the modules in your formal academic course or if you raced through some coding tutorials, examples and exercises you came across online, one thing is for certain — you feel empowered. You feel as if having gotten the basics, you perhaps have an idea for an application to develop which could perhaps change the way some or other task is done for the better and hopefully even generate you a good sum of money while even a small segment of the market finds it useful enough to make good use of. Continue reading “The Most Challenging Web Application Development Projects” »

Ethical Food For Thought for Web Developers

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Behind the coding and plugins that can be used in WordPress development lies a number of ethically questionable activities which developers can employ innocently, or maliciously to achieve certain outcomes or goals of the website. The topic of development ethics is still a relatively fuzzy domain, but these issues are constantly addressed and discussed at seminars held by WordPress themselves. Many of the issues they discuss don’t seem immediately obvious to developers, but upon closer inspection it becomes pretty easy to see why certain practices can seem a little dodgy to anyone using the site in question. So for the fair and transparent use of the web for everybody, let’s discuss a few of the ethical issues concerning WordPress development.

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Learn How Software Can Help You To Streamline Your Business

Do you run a business? If so, you will know that there are many processes you must follow to ensure that your company is like a well-oiled machine. One of the ways to help any business stay efficient and productive is by using computer software.

Nowadays, it’s hard to escape from technology. Of course, computers and software are designed to help us do things better, rather than being a hindrance. If your firm isn’t as slick as it ought to be, chances are you’re not taking advantage of the best software for your needs!

In today’s blog post, I will show you how computer software can help you and your staff be more efficient. Here is what you need to know:


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One of the ways to streamline any business is to make sure it can better organize sales prospects and contacts. After all; you need to know which of your customers are likely to order stuff from you soon! Sales CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is the best tool for the job in this instance.

You can keep records of when you speak to your customers, and to whom you spoke to in the past. It’s also a good way of scheduling future sales calls when customers tell you to “call back in three months” for example.

Of course, CRM software isn’t just about tracking sales leads. An insurance CRM, for instance, can also help you manage policies that you issue to your customers. That way, you know who to contact when a policy needs to get renewed.

Website management

One of the best ways to increase brand awareness is by having a website. But, how do you track where your visitors come from, and who buys stuff via your online shopfront? You can use analytics software to help you accomplish such goals.


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Many analytics programs are Web-based while others are in the form of software installed on your computer. These tech-centric apps help to make sense of statistics and can produce reports that anyone will find easy to digest.


One of the areas many traditional businesses struggle with is their accounting processes. Thankfully, software can get used to automate many tasks and help employees focus their energy.

Here are some of the ways various accounting software apps can help your business:

  • Invoice automation;
  • Credit control;
  • Supply chain and inventory management; and
  • Facilities management.

If you search online, you are bound to find a software solution to help you streamline your accounts department.


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How to choose the right software programs

Now that you’ve got a few examples, you’re doubtless wondering which applications to select for your business. As you might have guessed, there are scores of software packages you can use. Here’s how to choose the right ones for your needs:

  • Determine what requirements you have;
  • Do a comparison of the best-performing software titles; and
  • Select one that offers the best support and value for money.

I hope you have found today’s article useful. Thanks for reading!

The Secrets To Gaming Success

Gaming is a pastime most of us enjoy whether we are young or old. Some of us even got into coding and programming after our childhoods were spent playing on the old consoles and early computers. Now the internet is up to full strength and other technologies have caught up, there are games everywhere. Our TVs, tabs, phones and FaceBook accounts provide endless gaming opportunities. While the big consoles like XBox, Playstation and Wii still dominate, most games are now online and can be played interactively live with people around the world.

This internet gaming community has brought people together from all over the globe to talk about gaming passions. There is never a dull moment in any game, and you have the opportunity to meet people you would never have dreamed of talking to. Gaming is so important to so many cultures, and most of us have some very good friends we only see in virtual environments. Most importantly, these forms of social relationships are now considered the norm. Previously, we were all nerds, weirdos, and geeks, but now there has been a complete 180 turn. Now those who don’t have friends online or friends they communicate with online are considered odd and out of touch.

Gaming is more than a passion for us though. It has become part of our daily routine. We may game on our commute, or in our lunch break. Even at the breakfast table the phone may come out for a quick game. When you are checking the posts on FaceBook, you may have a quick go at that little game your friend posted about last week. If you are coding or you are writing game apps, you may even be lucky enough to design one that goes viral. Everybody will be talking about your game, at least for a week or two anyway!

With so many games available, getting to the viral stage does seem to be harder and harder. There may be a very simple reason. Think back to the nineties (perhaps impossible for some of you). The nineties saw one game character stand out head and prickles above the rest. Sonic the Hedgehog really was born that long ago, but all the merchandise that comes with his popularity is still going strong. Sonic the Hedgehog collectibles are even starting to make money on their original investment. Before you next have a house clearance, carefully package up anything ornaments or collectibles you may have!

Buying and selling gaming memorabilia or collectibles are still a way to earn a little cash out of your passion for gaming. Most of us have refused to give up our first consoles even though we haven’t used them yet this century. We all know they will be worth something again one day to the right collector. Either that or we will just have to pull out that Street Fighter II game once more! It won’t matter how many versions of Super Mario Kart come out, the original on the SNES will always be cherished forever.

The internet will never run out of good games to keep us entertained, puzzled and fully armed ready for zombie attacks. And it seems unlikely that, as a games platform, it will ever end up in the back of someone’s closet waiting to make a comeback. The internet and all that is good about gaming will be here forever, long after our phones have been replaced, and tabs have become wearable. If you ever needed a reason to learn how to code, this enormous industry of the profit-hungry and the generous to a fault game programmers must surely be it.

The tools of the trade are simple. A Mac will do, and a love for all things gaming. You may need a bit of creativity and focused mind for debugging, but a will to learn, and the time to try are all that should be required. Not everyone makes a living, but some get so rich they don’t know what to do with it all. It is certainly a mixed bag. However, if in twenty something years a grown man is holding a collectible figurine of a character you designed, you’ll know it was all worth it.

All financial estimates about the gaming industry are pointing toward it being worth $100 billion before this decade is out. It is growing, and it will continue to grow, so plenty of room for you all to hop on board this train. Collectibles will continue to increase in value too as the gaming industry becomes more and more important and financially enormous. It only takes one character to make you rich, provided it is sold and marketed in the right way. Think about the Mario or Lara Croft from way back when.

So what makes a good character great? It isn’t all about good looking graphics or a comprehensive backstory. Just the playability and the likeability of the character and what they get up to. Some are about the sound, some are about the graphics, but all of them are about being able to progress through the game. Make it too easy, and it lacks durability. Make it too hard, and you lose the casual gamer. Finding the balance, and some intelligent challenges are key.


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Humor is also essential. Think about Minion Rush. People are spending hundreds of dollars to buy the funniest minions and use them in the gameplay. The gamers are not designing the characters or asking they be made bespoke. They are liking what is being offered because the choice of character is wide and varied, completely hilarious and enjoyable even for those just watching the gameplay. Yes, the spectacle of the gameplay is important, and some sort of objective or point to the gameplay is crucial. But so long as it is about having fun, there is every chance it will be successful. Take your time to design your character and all its characteristics, and then all that is left to do is produce the collectibles!