5 Ways Cloud Accounting Software can Empower Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you have to be on top of several business functions at once, including IT, recruitment, marketing and sales. Many of these areas you may not be familiar with and more often than not the area that many small businesses quickly find themselves out of their depth with is the finance and accounting side of their business. It’s why, as a small business owner, you’re far more likely to outsource your accounting work to professionals, leaving you to get on with the more important task of running your business, without having to worry about what taxes you need to pay or the constant rule changes being implemented by HMRC.

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Five Technologies that will Supercharge your next Corporate Event

With prolific advancements in digital technology, contemporary corporate events are more interactive, immersive and customised than they ever have been before. Modern technology has enhanced and improved the way both attendees and organisers experience, promote and interact at corporate events, from registration through to post event lead generation. Continue reading “Five Technologies that will Supercharge your next Corporate Event” »

What print marketing can do for your new business

You’ve done all the back-breaking work and finally your new business is up and running — so what’s the next step? If you want to make your company a success from the start, you need a solid marketing campaign.

Marketing in 2018 comes in many forms — great for giving us options, but not for making a decision. You might be tempted to put all your eggs in the digital basket, but what about the people who don’t spend all day here? For advice on getting your marketing campaigns off the ground without over-spending, check out how print marketing compares to digital, and how it can help you create a rewarding campaign for your start-up. Continue reading “What print marketing can do for your new business” »

The effect gaming has on the brain

The often-discussed topic of gaming and its negative effects has been a major talking point for years. No one ever imagined that the very first Atari console would result in millions sitting around in their underwear all day long, playing video games. As gaming technology advanced and games traversed all media, stakes became higher, and for some, unfortunately, these stakes ended in addiction. However, while most literature documents its negative effects, gaming also has beneficial effects on the brain. Continue reading “The effect gaming has on the brain” »