Sustainability in Future Food Production

Since the dawn of agriculture, humans have been consumed with the need to improve the efficiency of their crops. The reason for this is that the switch from a nomadic, hunter-gatherer civilization to a static, agricultural one actually decreased the amount of food available per person. With the evolution of farming practices and agricultural techniques, crop yields became ever greater and exploded with the advent of industrialization. Today, vast mega-farms crank out huge amounts of food in a production-line fashion, obsessed with squeezing out the most bang for the least buck via the use of pesticides, machinery, and GMOs. Continue reading “Sustainability in Future Food Production” »

Paperless Pipe-Dream – Are We Missing the Point

The typically inquisitive mind cannot help but follow this world’s current affairs, even if only on a small scale where you pick up little bits and pieces of what’s going on in the world through the evening news, online, or just by chatting to people about the current affairs. One thing you’ll have undoubtedly picked up though is that trends come and go, particularly those which seem to grab the entire world by storm. What’s the hottest piece in the news fades away into the background rather quickly, only to be long forgotten as a new fad takes the world by storm. Continue reading “Paperless Pipe-Dream – Are We Missing the Point” »

Tools for the Office Warrior – Room Scheduling Knowhow

When it comes to getting ahead in the world of business, the ability to run a great meeting is becoming more and more important. Today’s typical business is a far flung empire of branch offices, often with many of the key workers at offsite locations. We work in collaboration on cloud software that allows teams to develop along skill sets instead of geography. We take on larger territories with global implications, but still know that the devil is always in the details on the ground. The best way to manage all of this is meetings that stay on top of changes. But how to do it with different time zones, deadlines and needs? That is where knowing all about room scheduling tools can make the difference. Continue reading “Tools for the Office Warrior – Room Scheduling Knowhow” »

Is Email Etiquette On The Decline? 3 Indispensable Email Manners Rules

In an era when we’re as likely to text our colleagues as email them, is it really important to abide by old fashioned email rules? After all, so many of those rules derive from when we still wrote letters and sent them by post – or at least by fax. As much as we might like to skip the formalities, the truth is that etiquette still matters, especially in the business world. Continue reading “Is Email Etiquette On The Decline? 3 Indispensable Email Manners Rules” »