How Online Giving Is Funding Niche Interests

Calling someone a geek doesn’t mean much on its own. In many ways it doesn’t do much beyond signaling that they have a niche interest that others don’t understand. But maybe the word “geek” signals something else too – being an innovator, an early adopter, a creator. As geeks, we’re at the forefront of exploring VR technology or making intricate art. But for many groundbreaking creators, funding our projects is a challenge. Continue reading “How Online Giving Is Funding Niche Interests” »

Using Technology to Save Lives on the Road

Each and every day that you get on the highways and local roads across America, do you feel 100 percent safe? If the answer is no, you’re more than likely not alone.

Despite advancements in automotive technology, accidents still happen daily on the roadways. As a result, lives are oftentimes lost, leaving those left behind with lots of questions and many times too few answers. Continue reading “Using Technology to Save Lives on the Road” »

Simple Business Tips For First-Time Company Bosses

Starting a new business in the current climate is a brave move. While many others are holding onto their savings in these uncertain times, you’re venturing out into the world and trying to make your mark regardless. For that, you deserve a well-earned pat on the back. With so much stacked against you, you’ll have to work very hard to ensure your new concept takes off. It’s always a good idea to seek out advice and guidance if you’re new to the business world, and so you’ve come to the right place this morning.

Continue reading “Simple Business Tips For First-Time Company Bosses” »